— Proverbs 11:29 —

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— Proverbs 11:29 —

He that troubleth his own house, shall inherit the winds:
and the fool shall serve the wise. [Proverbs 11:29] DRB
One of the greatest resources God gives us is the family. Families
provide acceptance, encouragement, guidance, and counsel. Bringing
trouble on your family — whether through anger or through an
exaggerated desire for independence — is foolish because you cut
yourself off from all they provide. In your family, strive for
healing, communication and understanding.

October 17th - St. Nothelm, Archbishop Of Canterbury
d. 740

Nothelm, whom St. Bede refers to as “a devout priest of the church of
London “, succeeded St. Tatwin in the see of Canterbury in the year
734. Two years later he received the pallium from Pope St. Gregory
III. He was consulted by St. Boniface from Germany and furnished him
with a copy of the famous letter of instruction from Pope St. Gregory
I to St. Augustine of Canterbury about how to deal with the English
converts. But St. Nothelm’s name is principally remembered for his
part in the composition of St. Bede’s Ecclesiastical History. In the
preface thereto, addressed to King Ceolwulf, Bede says that his chief
aid and authority for his work had been the learned abbot Albinus at
Canterbury, who transmitted to him “either by writing or by word of
mouth of the same Nothelm, all that he thought worthy of memory that
had been done in the province of Kent, or the adjacent parts, by the
disciples of the blessed Pope Gregory, as he had learned them either
from written records or the traditions of his ancestors. The said
Nothelm afterwards went to Rome and, having with leave of the present
Pope Gregory [III] searched into the archives of the holy Roman
church, found there some letters of the blessed Pope Gregory and other
popes. When he returned home he brought them to me, by the advice of
the aforesaid most reverend father Albinus, to be inserted in my
history. Thus . . . what was transacted in the church of Canterbury by
the disciples of St. Gregory or their successors, and under which
kings they happened, has been conveyed to us by Nothelm through the
industry of abbot Albinus. They also partly informed me by what
bishops and under what kings the provinces of the East and West
Saxons, as well as of the East Angles and the Northumbrians, received
the faith of Christ.”

Nothelm also wrote some observations on St. Bede’s commentary on the
books of Kings in the Bible, to which Bede replied in a personal

The saint is noticed in the Acts Sanctorum, October, vol. viii. We
know little more than what Bede has told us: see Plummer’s edition and
notes. But since the publication of the work of Dom S. Brechter, The
Quellenl zur Angelsacksenmission Gregors des Grossen (1941), the
authenticity of the alleged Responsiones of Pope Gregory to Augustine,
and Nothelm’s finding of them in the Roman archives, are subject to
serious question: cf. Fr P. Grosjean in Analecta Bollandiana, vol. lx
(1942), p. 287. Some scholars do not find Dom Brechter’s arguments
completely convincing.

In honor of St. Margaret, her Consecration to the Most Sacred
Heart of Jesus:

O most Sweet Jesus, Redeemer of all mankind; behold us
prostrate most humbly before Thy altar. To Thee we belong;
Thine we wish to be; and that we may be united to Thee more
closely, we dedicate ourselves each one of us today to Thy
Most Sacred Heart.

Many have never known Thee; many, despising Thy
commands, have rejected Thee. Have mercy on them all,
most merciful Jesus, and draw them to Thy Sacred Heart. Be
Thee King, O Lord, not only over the faithful who never have
strayed from Thee, but also over the prodigal children who
have forsaken Thee; and make them return quickly to their
Father's house, lest they perish of misery and hunger. Be
Thee King of those who have been misled by error, or
separated by schism; and call them back to the haven of truth
and the unity of faith, so that there may soon be one fold and
one Shepherd. Grant to Thy Church, O Lord, assurance of
freedom and immunity from harm; give peace and order to all
nations, and grant that, over the whole earth, from pole to
pole, may resound the words: Praise to the Divine Heart,
through which was brought to us salvation. Glory and honor
be to It forever. Amen.

O Heart of love, I put all my trust in Thee; for I fear all things
from my own weakness, but I hope for all things from Thy
goodness. Amen.

Most sweet Heart of Jesus, grant that peace, the fruit of justice
and charity, may reign throughout the world. Amen.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, protect our families

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