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David Dalton

Dec 20, 2022, 2:47:00 AM12/20/22
My workings include healing circle prescriptions and
a global species balance.

They also include popthroughs (updates and expansions
of similar workings by past avatar types to cover
some in my global region). There are 4744 such
popthroughs, about half of them due to human
avatar types and about half cetacean, in the
last 10,000 years.

Previously I tried ordering the popthroughs with
the most recent 40 done first, in reverse
chronological order, followed by the largest
(in volume) remaining original region to smallest.
More recently i tried them all in reverse
chronological order. But in my most recent
attempt I have ordered them from largest
original surface area to smallest, and reverse
chronological within any tie.

With that in mind, the first one is a humpback
whale avatar type of about 4000 years ago
who had 18 years of low years (I am approaching
27, and 7 is most common, and the rest are 14).
The first 726 are cetacean, so the human one
with largest surface area is 727. Jacob (a
14 year figure) is 806. Jesus is number
3367 and his popthrough should come on within
the next day or so, and the hcp sub will cover
those now in his original region, those in my
global region descended from those originally
in his original region, those covered by belief
(including me since I have him as a minor deity,
though I am covered by all popthroughs anyway),
and any (e.g. afterlife someones or demons still
in my global region) still around who were covered
by the original working.

Also, all those ordained by human or humans to priest
level or equivalent but not higher (so the front lines)
now have confession divination ability and will be able
to meditate and perceive what portion of an individual's
healing circle prescription is due to a given
popthrough (after the popthrough comes on, though
due to overlap/reinforcement something may register
as due to more than one popthrough), and also
whether a deity (e.g. God) "rubber stamps" an
individual's healing circle prescription (best
course of action, including a way for criminals
to redeem themselves and qualify for positive
effects [the carrot] and avoid negative effects
[the stick]).

Anyway, I am the latest avatar type and am the
only living human avatar type (there is also a
living bowhead whale avatar type who was at
this stage over 100 years ago) and have a
global region. But I am not claiming to be the
return of Jesus, and indeed Jesus will not
return but will work from Heaven through his
popthrough with my help.

Please pass this on to any ordained individuals
that you know. Those ordained to bishop level
or equivalent or higher do not have confession
divination ability but are all assisted shaktipat
recipients and have gained some special abilities
which will enhance their ability to conduct
religious ritual (very soon including using technology),
and soon will gain the primary siddhi of matchmaking
(not the primary siddhi of Jesus, which was probably
healing, and was conveyed at Pentecost to some).
But the matchmaking ability cannot be used to
identify gays and lesbians for the purpose of
persecuting them.

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
"Don't get me wrong; If you say hello and I take a ride; Upon a sea where
the mystic moon; Is playing havoc with the tide" (The Pretenders)

David Dalton

Dec 27, 2022, 10:02:50 PM12/27/22
In article <>,
The popthroughs, including the Jacob, Moses, and Jesus
popthroughs, have been applied, and currently post-popthroughs
updates to the main stack healing circle prescriptions
and main stack global species balance are in progress.

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
"And now the angry morning; Gives the early signs of warning; You must face
alone the plans you make; Decisions they will try to break" (S. McLachlan)

David Dalton

Dec 29, 2022, 11:58:45 PM12/29/22
In article <>,
No, I had to try again, with the attempt centred on D-moon
(first quarter moon). The Jesus popthrough was applied
0427 UTC December 30, 2022, and took a good bit longer
than ones close to it in the sequence. Those
post-popthroughs updates probably won't start for
a few hours.

David Dalton

Jan 17, 2023, 6:17:47 PMJan 17
popthrough 3367 (Jesus) applied 2300 UTC Jan. 17 and
should be readable by those ordained to priest level or
equivalent (but not higher, so the front lines), who have
confession divination ability.

However the consequences of following or not following
one’s healing circle prescription are not on yet, and
won’t come on until [HCP] (post-popthroughs update by
God of the main stack healing circle prescriptions) is done,
and you can follow my thread “still fishing” on alt.religion.druid
to find out when that will occur (I expect tonight). But
criminals will get brownie points for voluntarily following
their healing circle prescription before the consequences
come on.

And from
today (January 17) is Judgment Day. :-)

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
"I gave my love a golden feather/I gave my love a heart of stone/and when you
find a golden feather/it means you'll never lose your way back home." (R.R.)

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