Adam's genealogy & Music

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(Fragment. Physical and Metaphys. basis in:

Adam's genealogy & Music

Konstantine L. Leontiev, Prof. IAISB

The aggregate of numbers referring to the dates of birth and living of
patriarchs (The heads of generations) from Adam to Noah is put in
harmonic order and systematically interrelated with three main musical
intervals: octave, quint and quart. The essence of musical harmony in the
numbers of Adam's genealogy is as follows: the difference between the dates
of death of the first three heads of generations (Adam, Sheit and Enos) and
dates of the three last births before the Flood (Lemech, Noah and three
sons of Noah - one number) is comprised by three pairs of numbers of which
three numbers consisting of three different multipliers form three ratios
of natural numbers corresponding to the three main musical intervals.

The dates of births and living of each of the heads of generations are
related with private life and are determined by their personal fate. In
general all the events depend on the will of The Creator, being perfect on
all the levels of His Idea. Apprehension and understanding of the order,
beauty and equilibrium in the Universe in general is beyond human being's
abilities. Though it may become clear while visualizing simple examples:
the harmony and deep interrelations between the facts, events and numbers
in the Bible. The above testifies to the Glory of the Creator and
contributes to understanding the laws of harmony, as it is said in the
Bible: "God created everything with measure, number and weight", as well as
"He created nothing imperfect".

The method of revealing musical harmony in the numbers of Adam's genealogy
has been determined in compliance with a well-known in musical acoustics
law of musical system with the usage of either three notes or three
intervals. This relations of the number three with the laws of harmony has
been confirmed by multiple examples from the Bible, Tradition, history,
philosophy, science and art.

Further to the above there is another notion which says that everything was
created in "opposition one to another". So taking into account the period
of time from the origin of life on the Earth to the birthday of three sons
of Noah, that is to the year of 1556 from the creation of Adam, out of all
the aggregate of the members of Adam's genealogy, to threes of the numbers
related to the dates of dears of the three heads of generations (930, 1042,
1140) and to three last dates of births (874, 1056, 1556). It should be
noted that the names of the first three heads in the Bible are separated
and precede the words about the genealogy of Adam, and later the three
names are mentioned again among all other heads (Genesis 4, 25-26; 5,

Numerical relations between two threes (difference and ratio) depend on the
dates of birth of the other heads. In order to determine ratios the last
operation is division. The difference between two threes comprises also
two threes: 56 and 126, 14 and 168, 84 and 416. The numbers have two
different multipliers each and three ones have three multipliers. Using the
said rule we take three numbers with three different multipliers. They are
84=1140-1056, 126=1056-930, 168= 1042-874. Out of these numbers we get
three ratios corresponding to three main musical intervals: octave 1/2,
quint 2/3 and quart 3/4. The chance of accidental coincidence of the
results with the exact relations of musical intervals is practically
excluded. The given ratio has been determined with the application of the
same rule in all calculation with the result in full numbers (1/2, 2/3,
3/4), this rule being common for the system of genealogical members and for
the musical system. If we change any of 12 numbers on which the result
depends by one digit than the above harmony disappears.

The depicted system corresponds to spiritual life, but is given in
materialistic terms. This manifestation of musical harmony in the members
of Adam's genealogy can promote further research of the laws of harmony and
understanding of Unity and Harmony as reality at large.

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Sincerely, K.L.

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