Harry Potter versus Jesus

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Jul 27, 2007, 12:24:14 PM7/27/07
The Harry Potter books deal with the great themes of life, the philosophical
questions wuch as 'What does it mean to be good?' What happens when I die?
All religions do the same so there will inevitably be some crossovers. Lord
of the Rings to which others have referred in posts is another book which
deals with the same issues. It has been described as a deeply religious book
and yet there is no mention of God nor do the character have any formal
religious practice. The same
is true of Harry Potter. God is absent and yet spiritual themes abound.
Love, friendship, sacrifice. Harry is the willing victim who embraces his
fate. His Gethemane moment is on the floor of Dumbledores study when
returned from Snapes memories he finally knows that he has to face death at
Voldemorts hand with no hope of escape.Yes he is like Jesus and I guess we
are lucky that Christians are onthe whole sensible tolerant people in the
practise of their faith as adherents of some religions much consider suich
likening blasphemous.I used to be a practising Christian but with sadness I
am less so now and yet I sense the 'Hound of Heaven' sometimes in some books
and DH is one of them.The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. The
Church of Scotland and, whenever she's asked, says,
"I believe in God, not magic." In fact, Rowling initially was afraid that
if people were aware of her Christian faith, she would give away too much of
what's coming in the series. "If I talk too freely about that," she told a
Canadian reporter, "I think the intelligent reader -- whether ten [years
old] or sixty -- will be able to guess what is coming in the books. And
Lewis is definitely the "most Christian" of the three because while the
other two can be interpreted as Christian allegories if you
feel like it, the Narnia Chronicles aren't even a Christian
allegory,they're a series of books that star Jesus as a character except
he's called Aslan in Narnia. As for why Lewis is eclipsed by Tolkien and
Rowling... Tolkien is obvious : the Lord of the Rings isn't as obviously
oriented for children, and the whole story and worldbuilding has more
magnitude than for Narnia. As for Rowling the simple fact that she is a much
more modern writer in style and everything explains her present popularity
well enough for me. We can come back in 50 years and see who eclipses the
other,and have a real argument.Finally, there is the fact that Harry Potter
and the Lord of the Rings are so much better than the Narnia Chronicles.The
Christ is supposedly the son of GOD - Harry isn't The Christ was supposedly
born through Immaculate conception - Not Harry The Christ was supposedly a
GOD - who are eternal - no beginning and no end - Not Harry.No three kings,
no bethlehem, no star, (ETC) at Harry's birth Harry destroyed a major evil -
the Christ did not.Harry was a Horcrux - and also apparently had one too - A
god doesn't need those things.The Christ had more "Sidekicks" than Harry.The
Christ KNEW he could not die(Gods cannot do that) - Harry did not find that
out until after he "ALMOST" did.The Christ's body was hung on a cross - not
Harry.Train stations (Kings Cross) did not exist in the time that Christ was
placed in his book.Harry didn't Resurrect in Heaven and take his body with
him.Harry didn't start a church. Harry was both Married and had children in
the end - the Christ was
apparently only married. The Christ did miracles - Harry was not more
magical than any other wizard in the books. In fact - his name would not
have been jesus either. Theory of Harry representing Jesus allegorically
WILL be discussed. And the thought that Harry, a wizard who practices
not always responsibly, is a Christlike figure,will give certain members of
the Christian lunatic fringe absolute hives. JKR has certainly come in for
her share of finger waving disapproval and hysteria from Uber Christians
over the past ten years.I personally think a person can be a sincere
Christian without losing their sense of humor or their common sense. I think
that's why I particularly enjoyed the name pun of Pius Thicknesse, the
puppet Minister of Magic who succeeds Scrimgeour. I think it was a wee
pin in the balloons of religious hysteria.


Jul 27, 2007, 4:57:21 PM7/27/07

"curmudgeon" <britica...@bresnan.net> wrote in message

While I'm a devout Christian, I'm not against the Harry Potter series.
However, the theme of triumph of good over evil is classic in all the
most-loved literary works... and not necessarily Christian. The magical
setting for the series is often used in some form or other, especially when
writing for children, since it's sure to catch their fancy, and there's
nothing wrong with that.

It's up to Christian parents to keep their children's feet on sound
theological ground concerning such notions. Jesus stated:

John 14:
11 Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or
at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves. 12 I tell you
the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He
will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13
And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory
to the Father.

He didn't need incantations or magical brews, no wands to make His miracles
work, no brooms to transport Him, even through walls, no special objects to
give Him the power to raise the dead. If our children are taught to
understand the difference between the fantasy settings (like those in Harry
Potter) and the much more amazing reality they are heirs to, then they can
enjoy stories like Harry Potter without danger.

Jesus is my Lord - Pax

Pastor Frank

Jul 27, 2007, 5:16:45 PM7/27/07
"curmudgeon" <britica...@bresnan.net> wrote in message
That's all irrelevant in the face of Christ, our God incarnate, who came
for but one purpose, and that is to sacrifice Himself for His children,
..even unto death, if need be. It was the supreme commitment of a parent to
the love and care of His children, no matter what the consequences.
Yes, you can stand back and look at loving and caring parents the world
over, including our Father which is in heaven, sacrificing their lives
figuratively and actually for their children, and think: How foolish of
them, I wouldn't do that!! Then look for alternatives where you can set
limits to your commitment to others.
Jesus said, those who don't seek to follow Him don't have a life worth
living. There is no escape clause in matters of love and care.

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