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Best Chicken Fried Steak Recipe Youtube

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Loreen Gunsolley

Dec 4, 2023, 11:18:07 PM12/4/23
I first enjoyed the best chicken fried steak when we were stationed in Texas. Texans really know how to fry up beef! I was determined while living there to learn how to make chicken fried steak just like a true Texan! In Texas, the gravy served on top of the steak is called "sawmill gravy". In other parts of the south it is sometimes called milk gravy or white gravy. It took me a couple of years to get this dish just right, but once my Texas neighbors finally gave their seal of approval, I knew I had the one!

best chicken fried steak recipe youtube

I love this recipe. I have made it a couple of times now and making it again tonight. I love chicken fried steak. I wait to make this meal until I so hungry for it I can't stand it anymore then I just go for it. I make a big batch of collard greens with ham hocks, Mashed potato's
cherry tomato and cucumber salad with lot's of chopped garlic in it and the least little bit of parsley. Lot's of biscuts and gravy and jam or preserves, and honey. I can't wait for dinner toinght

Too bad you're not still in Fort Worth. I live next door to the base in River Oaks. Spent 10 years working on the base when it was still Carswell AFB. Met my husband there. Got laid off during the realignment from AFB to JRB. You're right, we do have a lot of good restaurants. We've gained a lot of new ones old have tjthe last 5 years especially. Now about that recipe... I'll have to try this. I've never seen chicken fried steak made with a breaded crust. I was taught to season then dredge in flour then in a buttermilk-egg mixture then in flour again. Just like you would for fried chicken. I've been doing it that way since I was 7 or 8 years old. The saltines sound like something my hubby would like. One of his sisters does a saltine crust on fish that is to die for. She picked up the recipe from a neighbor while stationed at Ft Bragg. Not her thing I wasn't used to, cream gravy being called sawmill gravy. Must be a Georgia thing, lol.

Where in Texas were you stationed? We were in Texas from 2000-2002, Corpus Christi, then Ingleside. I tried to make chicken fried steak a couple weeks ago, it was a horrible failure. I just might try again using your recipe, looks great!

I make basically the same recipe - but I cook it in my electric Power XL pressure cooker. I cook it for 10 minutes, the do a natural release for 10 minutes - remove the steaks and make the gravy. I like your recipe for the gravy better than mine however. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for this recipe. This will be another hit in my house. Thank you for all your scrumptious recipes. I made your cinnamon rolls today and girl let me tell you, best everrr. My go to way everytime. Thanks again.

Mrs. Meat Church has proclaimed this the best thing that Matt cooks. It's tough to beat a good chicken fried steak with cracked pepper gravy. In response to our most recent YouTube video for this cook we have created a discounted Chicken Fried Steak Combo to make it easy on you.

Batter the steaks
Lightly season the steaks on both sides with Holy Cow. Coat the steak in the chicken fried steak breading. Then dip in egg wash. Re-coat the steak thoroughly in the breading again.

People often confuse country fried steak and chicken fried steak Both dishes consist of battered and fried beef steak covered in gravy. However, there are some distinct differences that set them apart:

I like to use cornmeal to add a little crunch to the chicken fried steak when breading it, and the lemon gravy makes a great combination when paired with rich, cheesy polenta or mashed potatoes.

Thank you for sharing this recipe! I have never tasted chicken fried steak, But after reading this post, I want to try it! I especially like the sound of the gravy cooling off the spiciness. It sounds delicious!

We eat chicken fried steaks all the time, we also love spicy foods these are going to be right up our alley may have to have this for dinner tonight. Thanks for joining us at bloggers pit stop. Hope to see you next week

Steak cooked in a gluten-free, low carb crust and fried to a perfect crispy golden brown. This keto chicken fried steak is juicy, tender and can be made in less than 30 minutes, including the gravy!

Juicy and tender cubed steak is coated in a gluten-free, low carb breading and fried in butter to create a thick, crispy crust that is perfect for soaking up that delicious easy keto gravy you can make with the leftover brown bits and butter in the skillet.

Love this! But I made mine without the eggs and flour, just pressed with Mayo and then covered in crushed pork rinds. I do season the meat first, i add paprika and garlic to the rinds before i cook, major Yum! BTW down 60 pounds AND best of all, VeRY aware of what I eat and how I serve it! Thanks for yet another good recipe idea.

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The only problem with eating chicken fried steak for dinner is that it is an obscenely greasy meal. Not only is the steak covered in fat from the frying oil, but the gravy itself is made from the leftover browned bits and oil, resulting in every bite being pretty greasy.

Another option is to serve your chicken fried steak with a really fresh green salad like a wedge salad or tossed salad, or another side dish. The brightness of the vegetables should help cut through any fatty tastes on the tongue, resulting in a much more enjoyable flavor profile.

Note that this recipe was written for 6-oz steaks. If yours are bigger, you'll need to fry them longer, possibly 4-5 minutes per side. But then do reduce the heat to medium or even medium-low after the first 3 minutes.
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