Turner Lite USS SWB Excellent condition Pain free comfortable riding.

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Beach Runner

Apr 13, 2014, 12:50:21 AM4/13/14

I've had this baby for about a decade. I had gained a TON of weight and
couldn't do my old style running and such. Obviously, this is impact free.
The underseat steering works great and keeps your hands down. Incredibly comfortable, sitting back in a padded seat, no pressure on your arms, once you get used to it (I'll help you) you can easily ride many miles the first time without
any "break in" or adjustment to your body.

It is a SMALL adjustable size, figure someone from 4'9
to 5'7". The bicycle is telescoping. The cluster and such have
been updated and replaced. Higher pressure tires make it efficient really helped improve it's speed.

It is the Ultimate in Comfort. With a normal seat as opposed to skinny
thing to destroy your prostate and other issues. Once you get used to it,
you could easily ride 20 miles, but it will not be very fast, this is not a speed demon.

I used to ride it to running races and then I'd cover the course while waiting
to see what it is. Really helps.

If your short and want to get in shape this is the ideal solution.

Located in Davis,CA.

Interestingly, over the years, adults snicker at the recumbent, but younger
people say "super cool".

Worth at least double, I'm just asking for $499.

Why selling it? I have long legs and it served the job of getting me down my
initial 20 lbs without any discomfort. I'd like to get the same style bike a few inches bigger.

Send email or call 321-591-1954.

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