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Unitek BAMOCAR D3 Manual

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Dee Kobold

Dec 5, 2023, 10:44:00 PM12/5/23
MANUAL CAN-BUS for Digital Servo Controller DS, DSP, BAMO-D BAMOBIL-D BAMOCAR-D CNC- LABOD electronic Industrieelektronik Tel.: 07195/9283-0 Fax 07195/928329 email info Http// Issue V1 1011

Unitek BAMOCAR D3 Manual

The team designed and built a table to test the vehicle in the laboratory. The wheels can rotate freely while the vehicle is on the table. The team developed a manual to start and stop the vehicle safely. This manual includes the instructions for battery charging, GLV operation, high-voltage operation, safety circuit descriptions, engaging and disengaging drivetrain, and SCADA system monitoring. The step-by-step procedures helped the team to test the vehicle several times in the laboratory. During the testing, the SCADA team found an issue with the interruption by crosstalk noise. An appropriate filter was designed to resolve the issue. To fix bugs in the SCADA software, a logging system was designed and implemented to record critical events and data as EVOS ran. The logs were CSV based to allow for ease of importing into programs such as NeoOffice, Google Sheets, and Excel. During testing, this allowed to more accurately determine what was occurring and verify that the system was performing correctly.
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