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Storytelling With Data Cole Nussbaumer Pdf Download

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Loreen Gunsolley

Dec 4, 2023, 11:19:45 PM12/4/23
What parameters to adopt in a critical analysis? What is the best way to make your presentation? What tools can you use to make everyone understand you better? These and others will be answered below! Stay with us and discover the power of storytelling!

storytelling with data cole nussbaumer pdf download
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The work is organized into lessons on data application. Thus, the storytelling process with data is divided into 10 chapters with illustrated examples, graphs and applications of tools such as Excel, in addition to the analysis of several real cases and the adaptation to the standard that the author suggests.

The author conducts lectures and workshops for companies around the world, helping to create more convincing graphics and presentations, and is also the content producer for the storytellingwithdata.comblog.

Cole Nussbaumer is a founder and is currently the CEO of Storytelling With Data, a data interpretation and analysis company for other companies like Google and the financial market. In addition, she is also the voice behind a podcast on Spotify with the same name as the book.

To be based on data means to be based on facts, therefore, anyone who wants to better visualize their data and pass this information on in their favor will have a fluid and dynamic reading with this summary.

This presentation is a very important part of storytelling, it is in it that the appropriate tools are established, such as pie charts, bars, lines or tables with different colors, 3D models or pie, these resources will be your allies for a decisive approach.

The scatter plot is advisable for observing numerical data and for showing the correlation between them. Therefore, it is close to the line graph and indicates with more visibility the tendency to be projected on the studied subject.

Although the pie is associated with good times, the author reveals that it is the worst type of graph to be used, as it does not represent a uniform distribution of data with visual clarity. The graph can be tilted as in a 3D model, which could make the analysis of the information even more difficult.

First, we want to reach the iconic memory so that it draws attention quickly. With a good presentation, we achieve short-term memory and, as a final goal, long-term memory so that a hierarchy of information is created in the minds of customers to associate data with previous knowledge of the world.

This characteristics allows the absence of explanations for an effective design, in this way, the translation of the concept of affordances for data communication can be reflected with some attributes with highlighting the most important information, eliminating distractions and creating a hierarchy.

Author Cole Nussbaumer uses real, fictional examples to develop the storytelling process in the book by demonstrating how to use data more efficiently. It can be said that art and science when allied cause more impact, more emotion and more energy.

In the storytelling process with data, we can adopt a three-act structure with conflicts and tensions. Similarly, in plays, the first act introduces the protagonist and the world in which he lives.

The author concludes that stories move the world, tell us what happened in the past and remind us of mistakes so that they do not repeat themselves and humanity can evolve. Well-told stories thrill, captivate and hold the attention of those who listen to them soon, that should be your goal with the storytelling process!

These techniques can leverage your career, increase your logical reasoning skills and improve your data analysis! What are you waiting for to start practicing them? Leave your feedback with us by rating the content!

COLE NUSSBAUMER KNAFLIC has been analyzing data and using it to tell stories for over a decade, through analytical roles in banking, private equity, and at Google. She delivers presentations and workshops for organizations seeking to improve data presentation and pens the popular blog Table of contents foreword ix acknowledgments xi
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