Organic Engines Daisy Mayhem initial report (longish!)

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Jul 22, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/22/00
Hello, everybody.

Thanks in large part to excellent advice and information I
received from this group, my wife, Chrissy, and I recently took
delivery of our Organic Engines Daisy Mayhem tandem. As I am
stuck at work for 48 hours, I finally have enough time to give an
initial report about the bike (if you subscribe to the HPV list
or the Tandem@Hobbes list, you may as well skip this missive, as
it is pretty much the same information I posted there).

In a word, the bike is... great! We've ridden it about 50 miles,
and so far I am pretty impressed.

The bike looks nice, with a good finish and excellent welds. I
really like the frame geometry, as it is very "bikelike"- not a
monotube. This is a plus for me. It has high bottom brackets,
which we both prefer.

The only two complaints I have about the finish are 1) the rear
seatstays are supported by cannibalized Cateye computer mounts.
They work well to pivot the stays when the seat is adjusted, but
it just seems a bit bush league to me. 2) appx. a 1 inch section
of the threaded fork is visible between the headset and the stem.
It looks a little goofy, and there is a very slight chance that
the threads could get damaged, making headset removal difficult.
Other than these minor complaints, the workmanship looks great!

The (midgrade) components work well. Shifts are quick and

We like the full mesh seats in the Texas heat. Evaporation occurs
quickly, and there are a plethora of straps to adjust the seats.

The only major complaint I had about the bike was the suspension
fork that it came equipped with. Although we are not a
particularly heavy team (appx. 300 lbs.), the shock bottomed out
VERY easily. Thankfully, the bike also came with a standard fork,
and I REALLY like the way the bike handles with it installed.
Steering seemed twitchy, and also a bit imprecise with the
suspension fork, but with the solid fork, WOW! Responsive, yet
refined. I like it a lot.

Overall, two big thumbs up! If you are looking for a performance
recumbent tandem, but are balking at the price of a Double Vision
or rans screamer (lowercase intentional, just to incur the wrath
of the church of rans ;-) ) I'd seriously consider the Daisy

Finally, here is a plug for our website devoted to the bike. The
site is If you go to the "Tandem Talk"
section, you'll find message boards, chat rooms, and even free
tandem specific web based e-mail! Right now the site loads a
little slow if you are on a dialup connection (broadband bias,
tsk tsk!), but I'll be changing a few things to speed it up soon.
Also, I hope to regularly add articles, product reviews, ride
reports, technical tips, etc. as the site (and our cycling)

Happy riding!

Toby and Chris Heidel
Austin, Texas


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Beth Fleischer

Jul 22, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/22/00
Great review - congrats on your new bike and thank you for using Chrissy's
Will take a look at the bike if I don't kill mike before its time to buy a

Snoopy wrote in message <>...


Jul 23, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/23/00

You can only kill Mike if he is viciously attacking, and you're
in fear of death or serious bodily injury. Ortherwise, use
Halt. (Or maybe BAH!?)


Jul 23, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/23/00
Toby and Chris,

Nancy and I rode that very Daisy Mayhem (the orange one) about 2 weeks
before yall! We are from Houston, Tx, but were on a Wisconsin bike
tour on our Cannondale tandem; we stopped in to the Hostel Shoppe to
test ride recumbent tandems, and the Daisy was our first mount! I'm an
underseat steering nut, so we bought the Double Vision -- it shipped
yesterday (can't wait!).

We both were impressed w/Daisy: light weight, compact, good ride, good
seats, higher stoker bottom bracket than the Screamer, and unbelievable
price. If it had underseat steering, it is possible we would have
bought it on the spot, so the fact that it had OSS has worked for both
of us.

Hope to meet yall sometime on a tandem ride (we sometimes ride w/HATS
from Houston, and we are always joined by a few Austin tandems); also,
we have children and grandchildren in Austin (Roundrock).


Ed and Nancy

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Before you buy.


Jul 27, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/27/00
I would consider HALTING mike. But not the dog, the dog responds to NO.

BikeE FX, AT and rans gliss
Anchorage, Alaska

LeRoy <> wrote in message

Aug 10, 2019, 10:08:28 AM8/10/19
Just read your Daisy Mayhem review from years back. Our beloved 20-yr old Double Vision just had a frame failure after about 10,000 mike of riding. Well be looking for a replacement and I’m wondering if you might have any additional comments on the quality of your Mayhem beyond the early review you posted. Likes, dislikes, issues? Appreciate any info you can provide! - James
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