Is America the only place where many cyclists OPPOSE bike facilities?

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TibetanMonkey, the Beach Cruiser Philosopher

Oct 30, 2012, 2:15:01 AM10/30/12
It seems things are going smoothly in Copenhagen and other European

And what do we do? We deny ourselves that pleasure. It sounds like the
universal healthcare system where we feed the profitable healthcare
industry rather than be socialist. But don't get me wrong. I oppose
bike lanes too. No amount money will produce GOOD QUALITY BIKE
FACILITIES. Everything is made to count toward some bureaucratic
statistic, not to provide a continuous safe path. Most bike lanes
simply don't connect anywhere. My community just got a present the
other day: two blocks of bike lanes. Not to be continued. The other
stretch is too narrow and they won't take one lane of traffic away
from the three lanes the cars enjoy to themselves.

Let the Danish, the Germans and the Dutch complicate themselves while
we just TAKE THE LANE and "over my dead body." Or we put away the bike
and take plan B. Anything, have you tried a Trikke recently? I got one
somewhere in the closet.

(Elite cyclists who strap their bikes to the car and go somewhere nice
need not apply. This is practical cycling for the practical world)


Beach Runner

May 27, 2015, 7:26:12 PM5/27/15
There is a major exception, Davis, CA.

It's symbol since the 1800s has been an old big wheel bike.

Most every road has bicycle lanes, there are bicycle paths, and no
new construction can't be implemented with bicyle plans.

Even when Target came into Davis, they had to have plenty of space
to lock bicycles and showers so employees could ride to work.

At the University of Davis, there are several places where attached
to cables are just about any bicycle tool one could need.

It connects to the greater Sacramento area. The American River Highway
is a bicycle only from 30 miles out of Sacramento to downtown, and along
the beautiful American River.

There's a train bridge from the turn of the century with two tunnels,
two lanes for cars and a seperate tunnel for bicyles.

When they were looking for a place to house the National Bicycle Museum,
Davis was selected as the most bicycle friendly city in the nation.

You couldn't live in a more bicycle friendly community.

The only problem is so many of the bicylists ignore the rules of the road,
ride recklessly, hit pedestrians and involved in accidents. Consequently,
the buses in town have huge signs saying "Spandax is not armor".

The biggest crime in Davis? Bicycle theft.
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