HELP! Searching for classic breakbeat mix, Florida region

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dave davis

Jul 16, 2003, 2:47:16 AM7/16/03
Hi all,

Back in the early 90's, as an Orlando-area breakbeat fan, there was
some great early d&b circulating. There was one particular mix that I
remember so fondly, and I am now looking for it. I say "Florida
region" in the subject, but this could well be a more well-known mix
from that era. The scant details I have are:

- early "breakbeat" d&b mix
- included several subbase records
- inlcluded sonz of a loop da loop era's "peace and lovism (4 hero
- included 2 bad mice's "bombscare" or "space cakes"
- think it included carl cox's "let's do it"
- included some version (slipmatt?) of johhny j and cru-l-t's "take me
- think it included hyper on e's "disturbance"
- may have included manix's "feel good"
- may have included urban shakedown's "some justice"
- think it ran about 60min, well mixed, good variation of classic

I know it's not much to go on, but anyone from the central FL area who
was into '92-'94 era breakbeat should know the mix I'm referring to...
it was traded on tape like wildfire.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can either ID or point me in the
right direction to this mix. My copy, and labels could be ALL wrong
here, was labelled "bassbin" or some such.

Take care all!!

Any, and I mean *any* assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Emily Dye

Jul 16, 2003, 7:00:53 PM7/16/03
mmm old skool hardcore. i have no information for you though. sorry :P.

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