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Nov 30, 1992, 5:45:54 PM11/30/92
Rephlex Manifesto:

RePHLeX is a new UK label set up in 1991 by myself and my partner Richard
James (the Aphex Twin). We felt that there was a void in the country's dance
music that few were attempting to fill and so we stepped in with several very
definite aims:

Firstly, we hope to promote "Innovation in the dynamics of Acid" - a much
loved and misunderstood genre of house music forgotten by some and indeed
new to others, especially in Britain. We aim to help feed the underground
hard-line of house, providing quality "techno"; principally for dance but
also highlighting the increasingly popular style of electronic listening

Secondly, we aim to demonstrate to the rest of the world that British dance
music CAN be entirely original. In the main, we plan to disregard the
all-to-common breakbeat and resist the laziness of sampling other people's
music. We also want to show that you can make a kick-ass drum beat without
preset drum-machine sounds - R.I.P. TR909!!

RePHLeX also employs a friendlier attitude to music - believing in a united
approach to the advancement of house by all labels in our field (we have
tried to demonstrate this in "The Philosophy of Sound and Machine", our
compilation CD made in conjunction with a.r.t.). We have been categorized by
the media as part of a group that includes the likes of B12, IrDial, Applied
Rhythmic Technology and The Black Dog and are indeed proud to be viewed so
prestigiously. Although all these operations are distinctly individual, they
all seem to be striving for similar goals and are slowly gaining recognition
for it. We would like to see a kind of "family" of artists (by no means a
monopoly) who are not tied to their own label - introducing more freedom and
versatility to music. We do, in fact, have recording agreements with several
major artists from around the world - with plans for collaboration projects
with artists from Detroit, Holland and Germany. Our intention is that all
these people will work with us under pseudonyms: it is very important that
our music (past, present and future) sells by its own merit and not for
licencing or production credits. We place equal importance in the evolution
of fresh artists on the scene however (see our discography for details) and
we aim to offer a fairer contract for everyone.

We have an extensive mailing list for DJ's - especially in the extremes of
the country (all our staff hail from Cornwall and we are all to well aware of
the difficulties in obtaining any kind of diverse recording in such parts). We
also run a mail-order department for back catalogue and merchandise
(slip-mats, T-shirts etc) and all correspondance is answered personally -
though replies can take a while!

Another of our aims is to help reintroduce the concept of thoughtful design
in our releases. We have products planned in many different formats (eg
coloured vinyl, picture disks and even a double 7" pack!). We also place alot
of emphasis on graphics - label and sleeve layouts are often sub-standard and
there is absolutely no excuse for this, especially when shops charge so much
for records today.

These are the underlying priciples of every RePHLeX release. I hope I have
offered you an insight into our organisation and will be more than happy to
help further if required. You can reach me on the phone or at our P.O. Box.
Remeber to keep an eye on the new forces in house music...forces to be
reckoned with!

Grant Wilson-Claridge (founder of Rephlex)

Rephlex Discography - 1991/92
NCC 1701 IG-88/Voafose and Ohm Double A side 4 track 12"
CAT 002 Q:Chastic 4 track double 7"
CAT 003 Strong Island Players 1 sided promo
CAT 004 Caustic Window 5 track EP
CAT 005 Caustic Window 4 track white vinyl EP
TR 606 The Cyberchildren 3 track (club use only)
CAT 007 The Kosmik Kommando 4 track clear vinyl 12"
CAT 008 Analogue Bubblebath 3 8 track EP
art 2cd Various Compilation CD
CAT 010 The Kosmik Kommando 6 track sampler

Future releases - 1993
CAT 011 Green Calx 2 track picture disk
RLP 101 Rephlex Compilation album
CAT 013 Space Avenger Cassette

303 T-Shirts
Aphex Twin T-Shirts
Dog Tags
Slip Mats

Mail-Order Dept.
EP's @ 6 pounds Poster and sticker sets @ 3.03 pounds
Cassettes @ 10 pounds Mugs @ 3.03 pounds
CD's @ 12 pounds Slip mats @ 7 pounds
T-Shirts @ 15 pounds Dog tags @ 15 pounds

Send I.M.O. (International Money Order) / Postal order to Rephlex Records,
PO Box 2676, London N11 1AZ stating clearly the goods you require. All prices
include V.A.T. and P+P (please allow 28 days for delivery).

NOTE: Some items may be unavailable or in short supply (write or ring before
ordering if possible).

RePHLeX RECORDS - PO BOX 2676 - LONDON N11 1AZ - [081 361 0529]


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Jan 23, 2015, 7:28:46 PM1/23/15
Thanks, Grant.


Jan 23, 2015, 10:53:52 PM1/23/15
I forgot that this group was a thing. Thanks so much to everyone involved, for all of the wonderful music.


Dec 18, 2020, 12:33:03 PM12/18/20
Wonderful piece of music history right here. Big up Rephlex :)


Dec 18, 2020, 11:13:55 PM12/18/20
this is hot


Dec 19, 2020, 8:49:44 AM12/19/20
aphexcord 4 life
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