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Brett Jackson

Feb 7, 2002, 3:40:22 PM2/7/02
Hey a to the L I've seen on some of your posts you think the underground is
so great, but for the most part its crap. Yes mainstream rappers can out rap
most of the underground like sage francis said on one of his boards people
like snoop dogg who have been in the game for so many years could probably
kill 99% of the underground cats.
Don't think underground its so much better and because you know some people
from it your a pro, you seem like a backpacker, loser.

A to the L

Feb 7, 2002, 4:05:22 PM2/7/02
On Thu, 07 Feb 2002 20:40:22 GMT, "Brett Jackson"
<blit...@canada.com> said:

where's this rant coming from?

where did I ever say the underground was so great? you "read" it in
some of my posts? did you read any of the others where I've shitted on
a lot of the underground's "heroes"? Or some of the others, which
prove the fact (that everybody already knows in here) that A to the L
rocks old school Hiphop over everything else?

As for Snoop Dogg killing 99% of underground cats? Maybe you need to
pick a better example of a mainstream rapper. Jay-Z? Definitely. But
Snoop? Not unless he's gonna A-B-C alphabet-rap them to death. You
remember Snoop getting destroyed by Treach a few years back cos he was
running his mouth off about being the world's greatest rapper? Nah...
didn't think so...

As for backpacker? hehe... listen dunny... I've never backpacked in my
life - on holiday OR listening to Hiphop music...

Read a little more of my posts before you put your other foot in your
mouth... then maybe you'll pick on someone who actually fits the
description of a "backpacker"...


A to the L (get on the mic cos you know you eat jello)

Check the sites y'all... www.altrap.com www.raredj.com
"A to the L owns all your stankin asses. Man can rap his ass off. The rest are scrubs." - Fatboy Roberts
"...let's just say that I think that A to the L is an artist because of his ability to quantify different SHITS into words. That's art." - Alvin Smith

Matthias Jost

Feb 7, 2002, 5:53:39 PM2/7/02
A to the L a 'backpacker'. Now that's some funny ish.
Where the hell did that come from?


Dave Paget

Feb 8, 2002, 4:57:14 AM2/8/02
everyone knows leprechauns keep their underground mixtapes with their
gold in a crock at
the end of the rainbow.
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