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Liam R O'Toole

Sep 12, 1996, 3:00:00 AM9/12/96

The all new UK-Radio Mailing List
Wed, 11 Sep 1996 12:06:24 +0100
Jon Curnow <>


The list seems to have vanished completely now - SMS offered to take over
the list and, unless anyone has any news on another list, we have set the
service up and it's ready to start running.

Details can be found at

There are a few cosmetic changes as we are using Majordomo and not listserv
but it's still available in live and digest versions.

Sadly we didn't have time to promote the list amongst those who used the
old list so any help in spreading the word would be much appreciated.

There has also been talk of uk-radio FAQs - if anybody has any ideas please
let us know.



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The uk-radio mailing list is an email distributed forum for discussion of
all issues relating to radio in the UK.

The list was formerly run at tqmcomms but had to close; Satellite Media
Services has enabled its servers to continue the list.

The list is open for anyone to join, and discussion is not moderated.

To subscribe, please mail with either the line
subscribe uk-radio (for the live version, where you receive each message as
it arrives), or the line subscribe uk-radio-digest (where your receive a
digest of all messages once per day), in the body of the message.

To contact the list's administrator, please mail

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Jon Curnow
Webmaster - Satellite Media Services
Audio & Data for UK Radio

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