AOR AR-DV1 Digital Voice Scanner!

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David Norris

Nov 28, 2014, 1:38:17 PM11/28/14
I know this will not be cheap, but worth saving for. At last a standalone
scanner which has built-in capability to decode the modern digital modes,
including the all important DMR (see the description below). As well as the
standard analogue modes of course. Here's a pre-release brochure:

I think this may cause a storm as the AR-3000 did 25 years ago now. Its
firmware upgradable so more modes can be added. I think that it will bring
our hobby fully into the 21st century at last. AOR have been criticised for
being behind the times (it took them time to properly address CTCSS and DCS
for example), but AOR seem to have really listened to all their customers
(not just those in the USA) and taken the lead. Quoted as being on sale
sometime next year (only time will tell).

Better start saving up!


Release Date: 2015 (TBC).

Check out the modes it can receive.

The AOR AR-DV1 wideband communications receiver covers 100 kHz to 1300 MHz
(less cellular on U.S. consumer version) in traditional analogue modes (SSB,
CW, AM, FM, S-FM, W-FM) as well as various digital modes. As well as the
obligitory coverage (100KHz to 1300 MHz), so that covers all the spectrum
that 99% of enthusiasts monitor. Description follows.


AOR is the first and only manufacturer to offer stand-alone (PC-less)
automatic decoding of so many digital modes!

AR-DV1 is a stand-alone SDR receiver which can receive both analogue and
digital transmissions.

It is compatible with many popular digital modes:

In fact, we know of no other radio in this category that can decode Icom's
D-Star mode, Yaesu's new C4FM mode, Alinco's digital mode, NXDN, P25 Phase1,

* DMR - (Digital Mobile Radio), (MotoTrbo)
* dPMR - (Digital Private Mobile Radio) (European version of FRS/GMRS)
* D-STAR (Icom’s Amateur Radio Digital Mode)[/size][/color]
* P25
* NXDN (NextEdge)
* Yaesu System Fusion
* Alinco GMSK
* AOR G4GUO (used in ARD9000/9800)

Interesting features will include: 2000 Memories (in 40 banks), Memory
Scan, AM Synchronous Detection, Noise Reduction, Notch, Digital Data
Display, Clock, Calendar, Alarm, Timer.

The SD/SDHC jack supports logging functions.

There is also a micro USB port.

This radio will support field firmware updating.

High performance is achieved as the receivers employs direct conversion
below 18 MHz and triple conversion superheterodyne above 18 MHz.

This very compact radio is only 4.5 x 1.275 x 5.5 inches (178×50×215mm).
The rear panel features a single BNC antenna jack, speaker jack, aux jack
and 12 VDC input jack.

AOR has not offered an availability date, but it is expected that this model
will not be sold until 2015.

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