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Jul 1, 2018, 11:10:16 AM7/1/18
I was raised the protocol son, while in seclusion and for much of my
life, lived and worked at home. Unsuccessfully, I might add and
referred to the Counties Health Care Facilities, now going on 30 years
ending the relationship with the Urgent Care Unit, i'm not completely
sure but somewhere the Doctor Patient relationship ended when the
Hospital moved? Sometime time ago Solar caught my eye, and had the
opportunity been available might have met under different circumstances
"Whole Life" the Perpetual Care to a moratorium. As not to go unnoticed
an accident injury I received as a youth, treated with over the counter
Aspirin I was educated and trained in the laboratory sciences. I've
lived in California for most of my life but for a brief stay in
Colorado one day I might wish to return, once again Life Insurance
peaking my interest with Solar Energy on the horizon. As it so often
happens the thought of Movies furthered a system of beliefs this
insight the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove with tickets to Knott's
Berry Farm, a Parks and Recreations System foregoing the attractions; I
started College having left work graduating High School upon my return
arrived at steps to Higher Learning a tradeoff of Mutual Funds into
Cash. There was time for sports also reflect upon academics where
shortwave became the pursuit, and Hi-fi technology with the innovation
of a high pass low pass filter; the Monadology a uniquely elegant and
ingenuitive concept, electrons pass from the ground to a chassis
thereby enhancing suppression and eliminating distortion bye the
principal of Free Energy. EMF Green Energy: a trouble shooting
benchtop. Exploiting FOIL; a(New) Amplidyne, the half wave bridge
amplifier. Solid State, State of the Art ... High Fidelity 13.8Volts
array 0.75Watts cross over networking!
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