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Dec 20, 2015, 11:37:23 PM12/20/15
On Sunday, July 2, 2000 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, db wrote:
> I've just finnished uploading 6hrs and 45mins worth of recordings of Radio
> Free Detroit 106.3 - a 10 watt pirate station that broadcast from Detroit's
> Cass Corridor from Nov 91 to Jan 92. Listen from this link:
> They ceased opperation only 1 or 2 weeks after these recordings. By January
> they were getting a fair amount of press in the local rags. Things got out
> of hand once the Metrotimes (the free weekly paper) did a cover story on
> them. It seems that after that they were just too blatant for the FCC to
> ignore. I don't think they were ever actually busted, but they "voluntarily
> ceased opperation" after the FCC came a-knockin'...
> The programming was of the freeform variety. Most had excellent taste in
> music as far as I was concerned. Flavors varied from show to show, but it
> was very Cass Corridor! On occasion when the mic's were on you could hear
> people yelling, fighting, dogs barking in the background. They were only on
> the air about 2 or 3 nights per week. I remember tuning them in Thursdays
> and Sundays from about 7 or 8pm to about Midnight or 1am. I would usually
> wait 'til they signed on, throw a 8hr VHS cassette in the VCR and record the
> entire broadcast to listen to at various times throughout the rest of the
> week. What I've got streaming over live365 is the only tape I saved from
> those days...
> *** If you have any more information about Radio Free Detroit or know
> anybody who was involved, please contact me!!! I want to build a site
> dedicated to documenting this sort of activity - past and present ***
> Thanks,
> -db

Hi, I was part of RFD and am writing a book that will include my involvement as a chapter, built around a diary I kept. Do you have any info, facts, recollections to share I could use?
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