NPR = National Propaganda Radio?

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Nov 9, 1997, 3:00:00 AM11/9/97

Am I the only one in America who sees National Public Radio as the Tass and
Pravda-like mouthpiece of the US government? I'm not talking about being
conservative or liberal, I'm talking about NPR being a pure crock of feces.

China: NPR broadcasts trash China and parrot US politicians; yet we hear
almost nothing about non-violent anti-logging protestors in "free"
Kalifornia who have pepper spray dabbed into their eyes. China may have
problems, but it's no worse the good old US of A.

Iraq: NPR broadcasts seem to be aimed at whipping the US into a war
frenzy. God, they must love the smell of napalm-burned corpses at NPR. I
bet they wish they could get smelling devices into radios somehow.

Congo: NPR never said much about US proxy dictator Mobutu Sese Seko as he
raped and pillage Zaire for 30 years. Yet Kabila lets people into his
country for the first time in 30 years and he's trashed by NPR.

Chechnya: Boris Yeltsin never had a better cheerleader as he slaughted
Chechnyan civilians than National Propaganda Radio. The former KGB guys at
Tass and Pravda are surely proud of you, NPR.

Guatemala: A congressman opens up key findings on the murder of US citizens
in Guatemala by Guatemalan soldiers on the CIA payroll. But after a day or
two, the story dies on the radio.

And if I had more time, the list could go on and on. All national
journalists suck. Rush Limbaugh-quality broadcasts aren't the exception,
they're the rule, even at National Propaganda Radio.

"To feel absolutely right is the beginning of the end."
Albert Camus

"If the net is any indication of anything, the end IS near."

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