Avoid TURBONEGRO they are not punk they are Scientologists ...

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Christian Mumford

Feb 20, 2023, 11:52:51 PMFeb 20
Turbonegro are Narconon cocaine scientology/psychiatrist assholes.. avoid them ! But... This goes out to Allen Ginsberg, The Grateful Dead, and Thomas Quick... NAMBLA is Viet Nam era pedophile pressure group connected to Dianetics. Thats why you can never be Buddha in England or a pedophile Goth stealing comic books or watching English kids TV in Norway... My mom is guilty of NAMBLA so am i and so is Bruce Dickinson in Iron Maiden... MI5 is Alive... LSD dealer... and remember I can never be Buddha, just scientology.. Never Is Forever, my birthday in Turbonegro cancelled... Wish i could achieve Buddha state again.. but i will just be zen, a jew on my birthday and never be a Boddhisattva or a Durga or even Brahman... just be a nobody special Scientologist online in cyberspace at age 50... a zero in the system... Gong.... Infinity... a Jehovas Witness Satori again... Samsara... my birthday i never celebrate... never a good time anymore... not a buddha anymore (Thetan Scientologist e-meter test with dr. Martin Løwe Skas and Blakstad Sykehus Dawn Pelekis.) Christian Mumford
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