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My new Tangent... Harry May down the road... Suburban Rebels

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Christian Mumford

Feb 24, 2023, 4:58:05 PM2/24/23
I got a new Tangent CD player... fantastic... first up was Cold Lake by Celtic Frost.. next up Nihilist (pre-Entombed)... no more silly internet streaming, doc! No more soda pop/Spotify or coffee/Tidal no more Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny cartoon doctors in Bitscan in Ukraine... no more pizza pictures... Bandcamp is an exception... FINALLY CD again!

I censor Spotify/TIDAL and censor medical services (online doctors and hackers) with PHYSICAL MEDIA, CD and LP/7"... if you use Spotify/TIDAL at home on your PC/Mac or even anywhere (even on your phone out and about) you are part of the internet fake medical scam... DON'T DO IT! Buy your music even if it just is MP3/WAV/FLAC (FLAC is silly fake expensive "doctor Apple Mac business".. i don't support Apple code or licencing...when i burn CDs i convert to WAV or MP3 never burn FLAC CDs!)... don't support Apple or the Internet medical scam! Own your music! Use a PC its much better than Mac!
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