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Boy Prostitute Disney/Marvel Sex Pistols movie PISTOL fuck that garbage

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Christian Mumford

Mar 24, 2023, 10:15:33 AM3/24/23
Lol. I am still a boy prostitute in east europe for my mom in comic books... heroin---
I'm gay... smoke Luckies...
the comic book thing...
super heroes & buddhism=boy prostitutes
Dalai Lama...
Fantastic Four... boy prostitute comics at Marvel
like X-Men and Ghost Rider.... yuck...
I went to a Jewish art school in 1992-1995 to learn to draw comics in New Jersey
Joe Kubert School
that is why i boycott Monster Magnet... BOY PROSTITUE MARVEL KOREAN
Dave Wyndorf is an old long haired Boy prostitute Korean Pizza idiot with cancer on Shakin Street with Rob Tyner
Dharma is the cure... Seafood... Dogshit pizza & calamaris... Ukraine.. Iron Lung...
I'd rather listen to the new Chrome album
Hilary Stench, Aleph Kali, Tommy Grenas
like how i like Warner / DC but hate Marvel / Disney
fuck them
I am glad Stan Lee died... fuck him what he did to Jack Kirby
fuck Stan Lee!
fuck the Marvel movies,
don't watch that crap,
DC is much better--- Vertigo, Alan Moore generation
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