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Steal Your Face - Cockney Grateful Dead

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Christian Mumford

Mar 18, 2023, 3:59:24 PM3/18/23
Since it is Saturday had 1 beer (a Kjuagutt, from Trondheim) pretty good... no deposit so that sucks in case i need to collect my bottle/can deposits to buy a soda, bus ticket or a snack etc (it is some kind of micro brewery). Listened abit to the blackmetal tribute to Skrewdriver (bleh) and i guess i will watch Cockney Rebels and Sham 69 videos now on YouTube and post to FB (Everyone avoids me there and shuts up like sissys because they are internet princesses who live in England and USA and don't speak Norwegian like me anyway, and because i have no Irish heritage or family, my bloodline is only English, French and 50% pure Norwegian after a 12th century Swedish king).... I just had a Pepsi now... no alcohol allowed for 12-16 year olds like me (gotta sneak) and I was just down at the Coop Extra store and Prins Kebab (Super Kebab House) and my diet is Halal, no fish, no seafood etc and NO PORK cause i don't want police here in my temple where i pray to Allah every Morning (Venus/7th)... actually i listenend to Motörhead "1916" on Tidal and opened the Pepsi Max.. can't drink beer... put two in the fridge a IPA and Brooklyn Lager for some other time when fasting and no alcohol rule i decide i need one cold one from the fridge and thats it... no drinking for Islam (under age, i pray to Allah, turn to Mecca Turn To Stone, I am a Inner City Unit Nik Turner Egypt Troll) ditto judaism too (no alcohol for Grateful Dead kids in Israel).... remember Hare Krishna Straight X'e - Kuruksetra... NO DRINK NO DRUGS... my family on my mother's side were originally 7th Day Adventists 2 generations ago: GET A LIFE DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL!!!
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