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Ice 9 - Teh Vonnegut Breakfast of Champions NYC pizza flight 9/11 style (Kubert School Grateful Dead Pizza Truck.Ice 9)

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Christian Mumford

Feb 24, 2023, 1:10:55 AM2/24/23
New York Hell's Kitchen (Jerusalem 1979)... Venom, Sisters of Mercy, Ian Stuart Donaldson all were put on the operating table in Chinese White heroin deal after Stonehenge 1978 battles... If you need a doctor, opiates can help, poppy the great healer...Encounter Rudra-Shiva on Third Bardo in Tibetan Book of The Dead... Deva Loka... Year of the Tiger ended, doesen't mean the Kurdistan white panthers or Dragon Rouge or World Serpent Karen O heroin fracking in Red Cross didn't--- happy trails...

Matthew Revelations (King James Bible recited in Reverse - Gideon's Bible - Revolution #9 "Paul Is Dead")... 1 out of 4 Horsemen in the 27 club of 5 (The Nordic Pentangle) Jihad ain't bad... The Third Man... call it gangsta or No Security, troops in Iraq after 9/11 were the Goths from Iran (Seraphs).

Consult the Encyclopedia Britannica about this... or the Encyclopedia Metallium. Its METAL!!! GOTH!!
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