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Christian Mumford

Mar 4, 2023, 2:53:28 PMMar 4
Charlie Yuga... The Age of Coral, Kali Yuga... The Age of Quarrell, you can use that speaknotech poem in a Space Mirrors or PSI Corps song, "Charlie" is english slang for cocaine, i.e. Charlie Manson & Cocaine (Coca-Cola, Hell's Angels & Rocka-Rolla Judas Priest)---- you must be familiar with Hindu pantheon and the Kali worship (goth, blackmetal), A.C. is either Air Conditioner, Anal Cunt or Aleister Crowley... or Alisa Coral, my friend, likes some dead boys Choir... Tiamat---Sumerian Cry... no woman no cry... Bob Marley... a dinner date with the record label in Italy...

I wish i could get old issues of Kadu Flyer from Mary Ann Sullivan or Louise McCauley I have never seen a copy, Hawkfan gets the unread pile too often,
but apropos Hawkwind dancers and Glastonbury Neolithic sites and Ley Lines... RAF and British police should leave Stonehenge revellers alone...

Glenn Danzig, Julian Cope, Ian Astbury = Jim Morrison (mostly harmless... benign to cancer... Buddha)...
my Hindu nazi cult prayer and chanting loudly "Allah Akbar" to people in public is over... Full moon here tonight ... near Oslo, Norway....
I bet you are out bar hopping in Moscow by night.. rolling a joint on a Saturday in the Gorkij park at least... let the children play (& pray)...

check them out and support the Space Rock music/bands/labels/artists (most importantly):
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