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Spy Vs. Spy (Mad Magazine WFMU Biohazard) Jack Kirby is Dead and Howard Chaykin is Cody Starbuck (punk!)

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Christian Mumford

Feb 24, 2023, 4:10:42 AM2/24/23
SPY VS. SPY... I drew and wrote in Mad Magazine in the 90s (Norsk Mad #2/1996)

Call the cops! I am listening to grunge from the 90s with doctors (annunaki in Israel) online.. "Jesus Christ Pose" ... Buddha Dharma is Law. Love under Law, Love Under Will - if you are buddha (according to Aleister Crowley) you are a cop / police in Dharma in Tibet. He got that directly from Guru Rinpoche "Tibetan Book Of The Dead"... I gotta be a cop and a doctor ... Buddha and Jesus... thus... so what we all had a Sandoz vaccine against Corona... i also am free of the plague, me, born year of the Rat in Chinese Zodiac 1972. We were all tested ... Beware the Ides of March.... i am a Pisces... --- For I am Mars, the God of War (Roman)... Starbucks please... Battlestar Galactica (Human Annunaki) .... Regards... Christian (On the Genesis planet.. the Death of Spock... Starseed)... rock on Spacerockers.... Hawkwind ... We Are Looking In On You... Magnu! The Day i was a Horse (I am selling Mad Hatter blotters got my Tivoli Hat) Christian
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