Disgusting Sacred Heart Fake Rape Troll Nikki Yovino Faces Years In Prison Over Fake Rape Accusations

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Ross 'Gloryhole' Gerber

Mar 30, 2018, 4:48:23 PM3/30/18
Nikki Yovino, the stupid, fat and disgusting skank whore bitch
who falsely accused two Sacred Heart University football players
of raping her, now faces at least two years in prison under a
plea deal after her crimes.


This ugly whore actually WILLINGLY had sex with two guys in the
bathroom of a party, most likely because she had her fake rape
plan already setup, and fucking the two football players was the
first step in going through with her premeditated crime.
According to an affidavit, an witness even came forwards and
said he overheard the stupid whore, Nikki Yovino, telling the
two football players that she wanted to have sex with them,

I think the disgusting bitchbag should DEFINITELY go to prison,
but not just for 2 measly years. No, the shit-eating skank
should rot in prison for at least 2 years per false rape
accusation, of which there were two.

The two innocent Sacred Heart University football players were
forced to drop out of school and have had their lives upended
because some stupid cum bucket felt entitled to falsely accuse
the athletes with rape.

Unless proven 100% without a doubt in a court of law I no longer
believe rape accusations against college athletes, because every
single rape accusation against a college athlete I have seen in
the last 10 years has been fake.

College athletes can usually get laid anytime they want, without
having to rape some fatass loser skank, like Nikki Yovino, but
brainless bitchbag losers like Nikki Yovino have made it far
harder for a girl who actually was raped to be believed.

A former Connecticut college student charged with lying about
being raped by two Sacred Heart University football players has
been offered a plea deal that could see her jailed for two years.

Nikki Yovino, of South Setauket, New York, was described as
looking visibly shaken in Bridgeport Superior Court on Thursday
when her defense attorney told her about the prosecutors’ offer.

In February, then-18-year-old Yovino was charged with falsely
reporting an incident and tampering with or fabricating evidence.

Police alleged Yovino made up the rape story last October to
gain the sympathy of a prospective boyfriend because she worried
he would lose romantic interest in her when it became known she
had sex with two football players in a bathroom during an off-
campus party.

The players told police they had consensual sex with Yovino and
were eventually cleared in the case.

Facing a disciplinary hearing stemming from Yovino’s
allegations, the football players chose to drop out of Scared
Heart to avoid a potential expulsion, reported the Connecticut

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4611776/Woman-


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