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Jul 30, 2023, 11:08:01 AM7/30/23
~George E Hammond MS Physics~
NEW RESEARCH NOTE: – July 29, 2023
Okay – This discussion is about programming a pair
of V/R (Virtual Reality) Glasses with the following
relativistic space-time METRIC: –
ds² = a²(dx²+dy²+dz²) - dt²/a²
|a² o o o. |
|o a² o o. | = HAMMOND METRIC OF GOD
|o o a² o. |
Where a=a(t) represents the changing size of the
world as seen by a growing child or young adult under
the age of 20. As people grow larger, the World
consequently grows smaller! It also becomes
slower by the same factor – for the first 20 years of
our lives
a=a(t) begins at around 3.5 at birth and slowly
decreases at the rate of about 5% per year moving
downwards towards 1.0 (the true size of reality).
UNFORTUNATELY it never reaches 1.0 – and in fact
for the world average adult human being, by actual
measurement (WHO, UNESCO, etc. data) it actually
only goes down to about 1.20 !
IOW the average world adult is looking at a world that
appears almost 20% LARGER and FASTER than it
actually is ! And historically this unnerving phenomenon
Okay – this is clearly the WORLD'S LARGEST PROBLEM
and World Religion has been dealing with it for at least
5000 years of recorded history !
THIS PHENOMENON is known to be the primary cause of
what is referred to as "Mental Illness" – and enormous efforts
have been expended to try and cure the problem !
HAMMOND having discovered this SCIENTIFICALLY
RELATIVISTIC fact, has proposed to program a pair of
VIRTUAL REALITY GLASSES equipped with cameras
focused on the real surround – and simply programming
the V/R output to:
1 – reduce the SIZE of the image by 15%
2 – reduce the SPEED of the image by 15%
3 – actually a variable control knob could be included
...... to control the percentage of the magnification
And people will be allowed to watch ordinary reality
wearing these glasses !.
OBVIOUSLY you would only be able to do so by watching
"Spectator Sports"– because the "slow motion" component
of the image removes the person from "real time".
... IOW for instance you would not be able to drive an
automobile while wearing these glasses or engaged in
any activity where the person must remain in REAL TIME.
HOWEVER – it is believed by this author that by wearing
these glasses for many hours, watching real human activity,
that the person will eventually begin seeing a
"SMALLER and SLOWER WORLD" when he isn't wearing them
– and that this psychological change in the person will
DRAMATICALLY change the person's personality,
interest level, enthusiasm, energy, happiness, etc. etc. etc. !
I urge anyone reading this post who knows anyone in the V/R
community – to IMMEDIATELY send them a copy of this post
to help urge commercial research R&D people in the V/R
community – to start solving this problem !
OBVIOUSLY – anything that will significantly impact the World
Mental Health problem – involves the generation of
Incidentally – some Wag is said that he believes "They've
already done that" – which CAN'T POSSIBLY BE TRUE
or the entire world would know now about it !
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