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Quentin Grady

Dec 20, 1997, 3:00:00 AM12/20/97

G'day G'day Folks,

While strolling through the local supermarket I chanced upon one of
the check-out operators standing by a water cooler.

"This is our coffee break," she said with a tone that may well have
been accusing.

"Phew. _Coffee_ would really dehydrate you in this weather,"
I rejoined.

El Nino is making its dry blustery presence felt this year.

"Tch. They don't even give us a chair to sit down."

Something tells me this is covered in the Employment Contracts Act.
I nod thoughtfully. Not much I can do there at that moment. Later
I might jolly the management up on this. They are very responsive to
customer requests. A gentle rarking should do it.

One of the better features of thinking one's own thought is that the
silence invites further volunteering of information.

"I suppose water it is better than nothing." she said, eyes
flashing with a hint of indignation.

"Or it could be that sometimes, ... nothing is better than water."

The idea sunk in like water into a parched land and she smiled.
Quite a sweet smile. Her composure returned.

Quentin Grady ^ ^ /
New Zealand, >#,#< [
/ \ /\
"... and the blind dog was leading."


Dec 21, 1997, 3:00:00 AM12/21/97

In article <67ged0$>, "Jeremy Webb"
<> writes:

>>Religion, OTOH, is not so aesthetic for this reason: *IF* there is a
>>God (I believe there is),
>What specifically do we mean when we use the term "God."? I know
>that the "Map is not the territory", but this post implies quite an exotic
>map. The authour is producing a rhetorical arguement about
>the existance an undefined abstract concept.

Good Grief!
What planet have you been living on, Jeremy? Even the most
intelectually lazy athiest knows full well that there are *many*
definitions for god ... some fuzzy, some concise and carefully
articulated ... some abstract, and some concrete ... some quite
primitive, others making good use of the latest epistemelogic
tools of thought.

It is, *indeed*, already quite an exotic map, and it continues to grow!

It is perfectly clear that the original poster is speaking meta
to this pool of definitions of the abstract concept, without
detailing his opinion of each member and subset of the pool
and passing on his personal stance, for those who would, logically enough, need
to question his paralax, without needlessy diving *into* that deep pool -- an
act which, as you have done -- would depart
from the subject at hand.

In terms of a map, he said "I live in the northern hemisphere, not the
southern", and you rebut him by questioning the existence of an Earth!

If the rest of your post shows such a world-view disconnected
from world society in general, I need read you no further. I am
not a practicing Xenopsychologist ... I don't practice on Vulcans.

... oh, wait ... you were maybe joking? ... nah, couldn't be!
... a joke would be *funny*

"... Get with the program!" -- Salem / Sabrina, the Teen-Aged Witch

Ontology recapitulates Philology
Sic Itur, ad Astra


Dec 22, 1997, 3:00:00 AM12/22/97

And I'm sure Yawl have heard about the dyslexic Satanist, by now...

... he sold his soul to Santa, by mistake.

** * ** Have a Magical Yule-Tide, everyone! ** * **

"We must begin by defining our terms"
-- Isaac Bonewitz / Arch Druid, ADF

"All the modern, so-called Satanists I've ever
had contact with are sociopaths, fascists or jerks."
-- Isaac Bonewitz / Arch Druid, ADF

"Never trust a magician who can't spell what it is she does"
-- Humorous Folk Saying / NeoPagan Folk Community

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