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Naked Elves & Beba

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William Mahler

Apr 11, 2021, 9:23:18 AM4/11/21
As for a relationship of romantic interest while being a patient in a psychiatric facility? It’s debated no doubt to the actual benefits of not being celibate. “Mad In America”. I had been dating a woman online as of late, “Beba”. Yesterday, the 10th, she and I had cybersex and the day before that she taught me about Bitcoin. I had no idea she had posed for MetArt since January and worked with a Ms/Mrs. Schon, related or not to Neal Schon, founder of Journey the band of whom I had been correlating with for almost two months, as I say, working with them in the band via Twitter. Well, my platonic friend Mila Azul tells me yesterday, she quit the biz and is moving to the states. A multi-millionaire she is and asked me for a $700 loan to that I said “no”. After hours of good talk with her via Hangouts, she and I are at a stalemate about money that this financially poor guy doesn’t have, unlike her. Eventually, maybe she’ll sell her music, it’d go fast and she’d no need for a loan. Anyways, I went to MetArt to understand if Mila’s works were up or being renewed as they have the rights to use them but for how long? Now “Beba” told me yesterday, she was going out for Chinese food with her friend Debbie. Joking around I asked her, if she were to use “Chopsticks”. April 10, 2010, I had finally seen Beba naked but not her face as she gave me two photos in private chat via my direct phone number. As for “Chopsticks” and the model of whom is Beba on MetArt. 17 years of a less than one man and one woman she was cheating the whole time almost. I divorced to get my self-respect back. I don’t know what “Beba” knew of me and my past and I have gone on record to say I’m a agent for This Years Model but really? I got standards, I don’t date active models and Beba became active while dating me. I do feel empathy for myself and a bit of in check emotions of wow, she is beautiful, sexy, gotta have her desire her hey wait a second, what the f? Why did she do this? None of my business and not my ideal type of relationship. Sure, I have a broken halo but it doesn’t mean I ought to renew my past life with her as she did pose 4x since January.

As for Journey? Neal Schon as if on cue this predawn, well, his solo sounded like Pink Floyds “Coming Back To Life” as I tweeted at least 3 times in response, maybe four. I cannot expect anyone for that matter to hold out physicality until August but my emotional freedom, human touch, hand in hand lover and lover chances are slim and none inside a locked facility. Was I forth coming about that? Beba didn’t know but I feel rather I have a better obligation to myself to keep my life quiet (how do I do that now) for keeping it quiet until the time is right is ok for me but not for a stripper who ought to be straight up and honest with me, not to assume I just knew if she did that at all. Equal rights? Beba went on to say she has a black quarter moon tattoo on her butt. ssElverna don’t in the photo shoots. Cover up makeup? Probably who, cares? So many what ifs, but one thing is obvious, lifes karma is in my mind no coincidence whatsoever. Beba, you are beautiful as a soul mind body and spirit and a social butterfly that had you kept your clothes on yesterday, I’d not be writing goodbye to you now, publicly as I already did privately this morning. Sure, everybody has a twin, its just that only Troy Mahler, born March 29, 1970 and myself November 21, 1967 are the only two out of our mothers womb. Why do I say that? It’s simple and I leave you to ponder that answer should you choose to do that. Mila? To call you my girlfriend, lover, confidant, well, it’s a dream I got but really? You are that much of a Goddess, like no other to exist in this generation. Too much to handle perhaps as I am a head case to some that is equal to your nudity online. Sure, topless women over 18 nationwide at the beaches ought to be the law and norm but it is also saying, if I could be a bit Arabic here, no woman goes nude while dating or more one man or woman for any other reason than a physician or intimacy with her man/woman of romance. Single? Sure, go for it, be naked on camera but get involved with me? You have a choice, no exceptions. And I make this clear, her real name, not Beba as you may find in twitter is known to me and shall not come forth from me for her own safety.

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