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Love is Blind

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William Mahler

Jul 23, 2021, 3:10:09 AM7/23/21

“Just”, “Still”, “Don’t” & “Cheating’. I use the first two much but ye the third, equally too. It’s the fourth, “cheating” I hear from multiple sources. I take it personally, too much for I think of my internet long distance girlfriend. She lost her employment recently due to funding and is forced to “see gentlemen”. As myself read from her as I disguised as someone else entirely using a free “Textnow” phone app. Here in Taunton State Hospital, it’s a close knit bound no together like it or not community most o us, for up to a year minimum, like me. The word “cheating” among others comes from mostly staff. Hey, they got problems too. I wonder if that means, the nudes “Emery”, “Anna”, “Jennifer” and a few others as well, everybody has a twin right? Left, center, I do! “Believe It”

Someone, probably patient, can’t say his or her name, here, Hippa Law! His or her might get this laptop taken away. Well “HeHer” dialed 911 at the tail end of June so everything of mine, as I were blamed for the call, got taken away including the right to make phone calls myself using the patient phone. A staff member had to dial it for me. One staffer “J” looks like A Trump! Could be a young Donald Plump Trump IMHO. At least he’s waited tables. “E” is absolutely a blast to be with, “blast” beautiful” and expressive. “Double JJ” if I were black, I’d probably, well, he’s bald like me, we are sandpaper heads. My attorney, she is a bombshell of a beauty of the mind, top not so secret LOL. Although I wonder why my gf refers to me as the boyfriend that don’t care because I missed some of her rent payments. Oh, who’s bedding who?

If it weren’t for the fact that I am involuntarily locked up, I’d not pay but why you dissing me? Oh, I don’t care because I’m not concerned? Grow up please and realize, how you perceive it doesn’t always get interpreted as the same. Yes, you are a big girl now, over 30 and gorgeous with the best butt on the planet! Um. For all you patters, “The 40 Minute War” a book of mine, depicts a jet with a nuke to crash into the capital building in DC, circa 1984 the book became real. 09/11/01 flight 93 took exactly 40 minutes to perish. Ya, it took a while for me to accept and realize it but me, Janet & Chris we is a heroes. Go ahead, dare tell me you guys and gals trying to slap my gals a** ain’t predictable. Next book? How to nuke America and succeed, unlike Flight 93.

Amazing but I always knew that since I’m locked up here against my free will and choice, any relationship would be hard to hold except with male bonding. Level 3 sex offenders’ bond and I’m not one of them? Hey, kick my a** but some are aok, just got dumb at one time or another. As for “BB” and I, my several months in a row friend for better or worse, some of her photos reflect people who work here. My nephew’s sister (not related to me, and not what you think, but hell ya, I can imagine, the crazy idea. After all, Mila is my nieces cousin? And Mila is every mans dream date as she is one of the top international, I repeat Top #3 nude models worldwide. On the cover of “Sunshine Bubbly”. What, a staffer and patient in a stairwell at 2 am. Ciggie smells among others.. Oh Dr. Ipacs?

Dr. Ipacs, so, being cooped up here for almost a year, 80% of the time in this unit, he says mania comes from being mentally ill so here is Depakote ER, an Abilify once a month shot and 20 MG daily for ya Billy! Next up, Lithium. So F*** you “Doc Eyepop”. Oh there is so much to say, but we patients, mentally ill patiends do not lead an equal life, the same 500 or so come back year after 20 years but over 100,000 are demanding to get in before Covid-19 set in. Oh Ipacs, Moniz & Hill, how dare you say my Ma does not want to talk to me without her telling me that herself? Why not say “we staff want to experience what your MA does, so think of us as parents?” Sorry but fk no. Open up and say ah Mad is my Ma for being called “Beba” among other things.

I’m glad Jill Biden wasn’t captured by the Moors, happy the Sox are actually good and am glad, I got to listen to and record Whitesnake aka David Coverdale’s, “Love Is Blind’. “Girlfriend” I know why you don’t mind me flirting with other women online and beyond the wordy gurdy etc. You took it to the next level. Ok, we remain close friends and they day of discharge, you might wear the ½ of this ying yang necklace you said for me to hold onto If discharge were yesterday, you’d be wearing it no matter what, unless, what if you flat out refused no matter what. Yes, I can be a male biatch, you try not one, not two but since 2017 captivity…no vacation? No member of the opposite sex? Makes ya realize just who, what, where, why and how life should be…can be, will be? God bless ya!

William Mahler

William Mahler
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