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My Letter To You

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William Mahler

Jun 14, 2021, 9:53:24 PM6/14/21
My Letter To You

If there is anything Springsteen taught me, he is the defacto personal friend to my rock and roll soul.

Right up there with Jesus at the head of the table..


No doubt the ENTIRE "Letter To You" album is the food of nutrition I craved and have only gotten to fall in love with as my favorite album of the decade since as far back as Devil's And Dust.

Bruce is emotion personified and the soul spirit this nation I understand needs as only John Lennon was.

The runaway #1 far ahead of the pack of all genres at the torrents..

Wolfgang Van Halen is his heir apparent imho.

Then there is me.

Please all mighty God understand where I come from mixing Queen into this.

HIV was written of as far back as 1974..

..The Prophets Song..

And Queen & Bruce Springsteen I swear will be the absolutely biggest smash of all time..

Tis why this song "exists"

"August 29, 2001: Prelude To September 11, 2001 - I'm Coming Home" by yours truly 🙌 -

We knew.

And look out for me brother and sister, am hoping to electrify my catalog.

You are cordially commanded to voice!

For my sanity and yours,

My Letter To You


William Mahler

Jun 15, 2021, 4:25:38 AM6/15/21
Free for the entire month of June 2021, the prog rock classic "Father To
Son" originally by Queen, from "II" now included on "Sunshine Bubbly" in
the form of pop blues funk beat and vocal version, in memory of Troy
Oscar Mahler
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