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William Mahler

Mar 3, 2021, 6:08:42 AM3/3/21
his Ain't No Tragedy (Yet)
Wednesday, Mar 3 @ 5:03 AM


I've formally cut ties with Janet Morris & Chris Morris. As soon as it was announced, their former people in Kentucky started playing my music yesterday.

Really, ya, I am a ghost author to a what was fiction and technically is. But in the wrong hands, as Osama Bin Ladens, well, Janet & Chris both told me shortly after their trip to middle east that they indeed did meet Osama Bin Laden and thus, the book he used as influence for a planned five jets.

The 40 Minute War is the book. Sixteen years prior to the day of 09/11/01.

My song, "Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (i'm Coming Home) tells the story of a man witnessing 09/11/01 and telling his wife about it, but two weeks ahead of the fate of America. The song was recorded August 29, 2001, a full two weeks ahead of time, a warning of doom in a love song. He looks into his life as he sings "i am coming home, again, to you" knowing 3000 people died that day, but not for two weeks later. It really happened to me.

5318 7770 0040 7782

A now defunct card, shut of by the bank at my request and why? I got this card last week. 20 numbers on the front, 20 terrorists in the book, 20 on 09/11/01. 747 on the back, 747 jets. FIve 7's, five jets on 09/11/01, 1 left behind, 20 terrorists 1 had Deja vu and sits in a cell in Supermax, Colorado. (@janetmorris) a small n, lower case in red on a white banking card. Small nuke? On the ground, in the air? One nuke, one pilot, one jet, five 7's, and one stayed behind for a as of yet to be announced, US State of the Union address.

Who is the a**hole threatening to kill Mila Azul?
She's in the Ukraine. She seems to think she is as good as dead so here in the USA my good guys know as of this writing at 540 am.
Mila has been for 5 years running consistently been the #! nude model for MetArt, and a top 10 of all time for the same company. Human Traffiking? Tommy can
you hear me?

The Department of Mental Health is continuing to support careless psychiatric professionals, who despite any overwhelming evidence of barbaric mental health care he/she provides, get away with legally. One went on record to say I gave OBL that book to a judge, Judge Brennan, and who does Brennan sit in the back pocket of? His bald lookalike, child (I'm the victim) pornographers, Chris Morris & his bitch, Janet Morris. Chris in 1984 put me in NAMBLA a man boy love magazine. Physical man boy love association. The same last name, Brennan, related to a six month serving jail bird relative Brennen jail. Theresa Brennan. As for the nincompoop psychiatrist and ass kisser attorney he had, the slander and contribute to the toxic environment that a vast majority of patients mentally hide from but are in countless US cases, bound legally as if I am a mere lab rat.
There are good people and careless people, some do not deserve the time of day, but I got to learn to live with what I can't rise above. I'm not afraid, I never get violent but can and will defend myself. Why say that? I had to defend myself from my throat being snapped by a instigator of a nurse. For that I am deemed a serious threat and am not fit for being in public. Careless recor keeping from LCSW Nancy Moniz and she didn''t remember my name when talking to my best friend and didn't remember his name when reporting good news about my possible life outside this hell called Taunton State Hospital.

I'm far to serious and don't enjoy life, it takes its toll on my immediate family. The staff here has had the best of me, now you know.

Lets legally kick their heads into vegetables in court. Avenge the past, present and future.

William Mahler
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