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Secret Of Modena Examined Over Neptunian Ephesus

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Feb 23, 2001, 8:17:13 AM2/23/01

While my using II.85's little royal persevering too far to make the 31
Jan Ceres-Mercury temple dark may have been II.79's dark by skill, it
was probably not VI.16's dark ones of the temple from the stead of
"Blacksilver." My mistake with VI.10 was not realizing that though
VII.18's colored pacts arrived 22 Jan, an actual episode where the
black and white temples appear was considered, rather than the
conceptual darkening of white temples 31 Jan to 15 Feb: by stating
red's and yellow's would remove theirs, N. may have been remarking
the 15 Feb Mars-Jupiter pairing violated the seven-angel stipulation
of Apoc. 15 by any accounting, eliminating that period from the
black-white mixing stage.

Another error I made was presuming I.54's mobile token would be Saturn
simply because that was the subject of the first portion: Mercury is
most likely figure, moving the fastest; likewise, the two equals of
similar inclination may not be V.22's two reds. It may instead have to
do with X.28's debasing falsified rapport with Venus...

Black lunar temples
26 Jan [Ceres / Jupiter]
20 Feb [Chiron / Juno]
25 Feb [Chiron / Jupiter]

There was a large gap where the quasi-black temples were fabricated,
then the next two genuine dark pairings do not represent any
significant alternation of black and white.

Lunar temples
26 Feb Pallas-Pluto
27 Feb Saturn-Chiron
28 Feb Neptune-Ceres
01 Mar Venus-Uranus
02 Mar Jupiter-Juno
03 Mar Venus-Uranus
04 Mar [Chiron / Jupiter]
05 Mar Pluto-Venus
06 Mar [Chiron / Jupiter]
07 Mar Pallas-Pluto
08 Mar [Chiron / Jupiter]
09 Mar Pallas-Pluto
10 Mar [Vesta / Jupiter]
11 Mar Pallas-Pluto
12 Mar Chiron-Vesta
13 Mar Juno-Mars

Obviously, the period 3 to 11 March alternates white and black
temples, with three dark [Chiron / Jupiter] pairings interlaced
with three Pallas-Pluto temple appearances. Since Chiron is Greek
for Hand, and Jupiter is king of the gods, the symbolism is of the
Hand of Fate; when Saturn began its reign 9 Aug '00, Apoc. 20 was
used for the Chiron-Ceres temple with Pallas-Vesta aspect to infer
that Chiron and Pallas were being commanded to use the Scythe.
This period may be II.66's trapped within the palace as well as
VIII.54's Chyren-selin (Chiron aspecting Crescent Moon but not
allowed in the temple of Ephesus).

During this phase of dual repetitions, there is a week [II.41]
in which only seven characters appear in the temple, void and not:
but this must be examined closer for a starting point.

I.54's like-minded equals should be Venus and Uranus: Venus is the
planet of love, beauty, harmony and luxury; Uranus means Heaven; and
their names even rhyme in English. 3 March, Mercury's lunar trine
at 5am EST @ 17,04' is supervened by Venus's lunar sextile at 5:03am
EST @ 17,06'; and when the Mercury-Ascendant conjunct occurs at 5:44am
EST Venus @ 17,07' and Mercury @ 17,06' makes it seem Venus is secure.
But the Venus-Mercury sextile 6:52am EST happening before the Uranus
lunar trine 1:45pm EST has Mercury proving intrusive to the rapport
between Venus and Uranus, which might cause the response in VI.31, etc.
So VI.16's "Blacksilver" may be Quicksilver in the shadow of Venus;
this could also be V.1's one (Venus) mounted on the courier Mercury,
"and pike" signifying the past Neptunian perpexity 5 to 9 Feb...

This gives us as the seven angels, Venus, Uranus, Mercury interposing
itself, Chiron, Jupiter, Pluto, and Pallas. 3 March lunar Gemini is
omitted from the zodiacal list in VI.35. Furthermore, there is a
sextile between Saturn and Vesta 3 March 10:45am EST, thus IX.44 with
Saturn transforming gold into sword, and X.6 etc. predicting the fire
is Vesta's baby. At 5:53am EST, 9 minutes after the Merc-Asc cnj, the
Part of Fortune will conjunct Saturn.

10 March [Vesta / Jupiter] could be III.59's fourth, since the third
instance in this timeframe coincided with the lunar eclipse in Jan as
in IV.60 line 2.

3 March St. Anselm of Nonantola is also associated with Modena: IX.13
has two at Modena truculent for Bologna (6 March St. Basil, bishop of
Bologna, d. 335 - or 9 March St. Catherine); the exiles around Sologne
could be the nullified temples 4 and 8 March, with the 6th Bologne
connection transformed into Sologne to remain distinct from 9 March.
3 March also St. Non, mother of St. David, a widow: "Nonnain" of IX.24
may apply. since she was Celtic and it means owned by Non in Celtic.

4 March Blessed Romeo of Limoges died of the plague with St. Avertanus
while on a Holy Land pilgrimage in 1310 in Lucca, Italy: this may be the
correct Lucca date, as opposed to St. Richard's 7 Feb, since III.19 has
Lucca where "priest and rector die" - the manner of their death could
also provide IX.24's Mallods (maladies).

6 March St. Nicolette of Picardy (1381-1447); Blessed Jordan of Pisa
(d. 131). Pisa and Lucca are linked in IX.5,80. Pisa rebels after
the evil has been seen at Florence (13 Feb St. Catherine dei Ricci's
feastday coinciding with the El Salvadorean aftershock killing about
300) in VI.36. Something expected is done to Pisa in VII.5.

8 March Sts. Philemon and Apollonius may be the artisan and monk of
VI.73: Philemon was a converted musician who was to impersonate
deacon Apollonius in eating foods sacrificed to pagan gods, but
instead proclaimed his Christian faith, causing both to be condemned
to death; but arrows miraculously failed to kill them, causing the
authorities to hurl Apollonius into the sea in a sack to drown him.
If these figures are lodged near the gate and at the walls, perhaps
the last [Chiron / Jupiter] is the meaning.

9 March St. Catherine of Bologna was a widow, and St. Frances of Rome
a virgin, perhaps supplying VIII.80's widow and virgin. Since this
coincides with lunar Virgo, and the second of three Pallas-Pluto days,
IV.35's fire extinguished possibly predicted.

10 March Blessed Andrew Strumi (d. 1097) was born in Parma (VII.5
with Pisa) and is also known as "the Ligurian" (II.85). St. Macarius
as builder of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher could relate to X.6,
mentioning Vesta in the same line. Also feastday for a martyr named
Victor who may figure in VI.70.

For the Miracle Holy Thursday, the only martyr of the Eucharist for
12 April is St. Sabas, a Goth lector of Romanian land who in 372 was
dragged naked over thorns and whipped (without scars), then racked;
he refused escape when untied, was hung on a house beam and struck
with a javelin (still unharmed), then finally drowned after persuading
his executioners to follow their orders when they wanted to release him.
Sabas denounced such pretenses of paganism as Apollonius had attempted,
considering it a betrayal of faith even if it saved one's life.

Astrologically, 8:30pm Garabandal time 12 April has five bodies each
in two fire signs: Venus, Mercury and Vesta near conjunct, Sun and
Juno in Aries; Pluto near conjunct with Pallas, Moon, Mars and Chiron
in Sagittarius.

If the Chastisement must take place in the remainder of springtime,
IX.83's Sun twenty of Taurus may be the critical time, indicating
10 or 11 May: the only interplanetary aspect while the Sun is in
the 20-degree range is 11 May Venus-Neptune sextile @ 8,47' 8:20am
Roman time.

It could be ironic that I.23 begins "At the third month, the Sun
rising," since the rest of the verse seems to apply to March 2000...

Chiron with the Crescent!

Shut out with Jupiter...

Vestal fire
Ignited when Mother Vesta
SEES Saturn preparing to make a return...

Vestal fire
For Babylon,
When shadowed Mercury
MEDDLES with Heaven!

(Black Mixed With White)


L'union feinte sera peu du duree,
Des uns changes reformes la plupart;
Dans les vaisseaux sera gent enduree,
Lors aura Rome un nouveau Leopard.

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