Trahison Par Grande Urne [X.50]

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Curtis Eagal

Sep 24, 2022, 6:36:38 PMSep 24
The final line of X.50 may have already begun its fulfillment without any 'Lorraine deluge':

...trahison par grande Urne

...betrayal through the great Urn

The 8 August 2022 execution of a warrant that resulted in an exhibit photo of what should have been securely officially archived documents related to the national security of our own and potentially other countries, which could be summarized using a more direct translation of 'trahison.' The seer has tersely used a single word at a broadly suggested time, yet that was the day the Moon entered Capricorn, where the outlier Pluto had been, with the remainder of the pantheon extending to Mercury about 7.5 degrees into Virgo: thus three adjacent signs (Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius) were empty of any plotted celestial bodies, constituting an expansive or Great Urn circa 8 August 2022.

Curtis Eagal

Sep 25, 2022, 2:50:15 AMSep 25
L'AEmathion passer monts Pyrenees
En Mars Narbon ne fera resistance
Par merre et terre fera si grande menee
Cap. n'ayant terre sure pour demeurance

The Macdeonian will proceed beyond the Pyrenees;
Narbonne with Mars will find no resistance provided;
Such a great debacle occurring by land and seas,
The Capitol will not be having safe land to be resided

The meaning of IX.64 becomes clear using the solution of IV.70 using the 25 June feast day for Saint Eurosia as contiguous to the 24 June 2022 official pronouncement of the overturning of the Roe decision: the second line of X.7 is the primary stage -

Le grand conflit qu'on apprete a Nancy
L'Aemathien dira tous je soumets

The great conflict one prepares at Nancy;
The Macedonian will say 'I subjugate all'

The first line concerns the Second Iraq War commencing shortly after the Columbia shuttle disaster of 1 February 2003, on the feast day for Saint King Sigebert III, patron of Nancy. Line two regards the 7 November 2020 defiant refusal to concede in the 2020 election, despite the electoral count favoring Biden on the previous day: 7 November is feast day for Saint Auctus of Macedonia - so IX.64 attaches that to the character and projects beyond the 'Pyrenees' date of 25 June, contiguous with the Dobbs decision as per IV.70

The preposition 'en' can mean 'with,' suggesting the 22 March feast day for Saint Paul of Narbonne coinciding with the 25 March 2023 entry of Mars into Cancer for line 2 of IX.64: this is shortly after the 118th Congress will be sworn in, a chronology supported by IX.73, which uses a parallel chronology involving Saturn's evolution into the new sign of Pisces, allowing Biden an extension from this lunatic takeover only to 10 April 2023.

The amalgam of false theocrats, misguided militias and racist fearmongers have combined with adherents to an idolatrous myth called Q-Anon, yearning for The Storm with its alluring mass executions, which will likely manifest as Revelation's 'accept the mark of the beast or die' scenario - "Q-Anon" spoken and reversed was found to resemble "Non-Awake," the extreme opposite to being 'Woke."

The portents of IX.64 is that the 45th President will indeed return to power, as something beyond a US president, like the GEOTUS (God-Emperor of the United States) status insisted upon by the core base, but the result will be chaotic on an unprecedented level, such that even the Capitol will not have secure land upon which to convene Congress.

There are some astrological oddities to the 2022 midterm election, however if the 5-8 October cataclysm occurs, this scenario might be the 'beast rising from the Abyss' with a Chasm opening that is the backdrop to the rise of a political leader who is perceived as strong without concern of his amorality, pathological lies, irrational statements, or self-serving nature.
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