Could aliens have asexual reproduction?

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JTEM is Magic

Jan 20, 2022, 1:03:09 AMJan 20

Asexual reproduction is a thing but, is it really a
model that might lead to a super advanced

I don't think so.

To be it seems like a speed bump.

With sexual reproduction, the mixing of DNA from
two (or more?) individuals, you're more likely to
find advantageous combinations. AND, you're
more likely to see troublesome combinations and
mutations die out quickly.

REMEMBER: With sexual reproduction it's not
enough for you to want to "Reproduce," you need
to find a willing partner! If you reproduce asexually
though, you just kind of spawn.

What if they reproduce sexually but it takes more
and two? Would that speed up their evolution? Might
they achieve our level of technology far more quickly?

I'm not saying that they would evolve 50% faster than
us but, why not?

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