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Aug 4, 2002, 4:43:42 PM8/4/02

Ask Sollog

August 1st 2002

Question from Greenie an Ask Sollog Fan

Hi Sollog,

What do you think of the recent release of the Ted Kaczynski writing
about an attack on our technological society? How will terrorists next
attack the United States?

Answer from Sollog


The United States is about to experience what will be known in the
future as the ATTACK OF THE ELF?s.

Earth Liberation Front is a most noble idea, however, some within or
aligned to the organization will now start to fulfill what was written
of recently by Theodore Kaczynski.

The Professor has written, to disable the modern technological system
(Western Civilization) the Freedom Fighters (Elf and other Save the
Earth movements) must attack the system (USA, etc.) at the weaknesses
of the Beast.

There is a multi-point attack outlined by The Professor that will now
result in very successful attacks upon modern civilizations.

These attacks will be aimed at the technological infrastructure of
western civilization. While burning down the office or property of
some environmental menace has been a known tactic of the Green
Movement for some time, the next step in the evolution of the Green
Movement will be bringing whole segments of modern society to a

A few people can easily bring modern civilization in the west to a

These are how future attacks of the Green Movement will FREEZE modern
civilization in what will become routine outages that are copycatted
around the industrialized world.

The easiest attacks will indeed be upon the electrical grid system of
the industrialized world. This system uses a three-stage method to
control what is known as DEMAND. Typically a large 24 Hour major
polluter like a mega-coal-burning plant or a Nuclear Plant is the main
supplier of electricity to industrialized areas or cities.

A simple bomb could disable a huge power plant and cause a major
disruption of THE GRID for some time. A synchronized attack of several
such major DEMAND suppliers that operate on a much-needed 24-Hour
schedule, could theoretically take down the whole Grid of North

The attacks could be very simple, such as blowing up a bridge used by
the railways to supply coal to these important parts of THE GRID. Some
plants keep a small supply of fuel (coal) on hand, but if the bridge
that is attacked is very close to the plant, then it could disrupt the
future operations of such a target causing a failing of THE GRID when
the plant is taken offline.

Since such an attack would enable a rerouting of THE GRID before the
actual plant stopped operating, THE GRID could sustain an attack such
as this easily. However, multiple attacks around the United States
might not be so easily rerouted by the managers of THE GRID.

If an attack was on equipment within the plant need to feed the coal
into plant, then an immediate interruption would result and possible
topple THE GRID. The least effect would be a large area within THE
GRID would lose power for quite some time.

Attacking the first stage transformer platforms at the plant or near
the plant are soft targets that can be easily taken out and disrupt
the output of such a large plant for shorter period than say a bridge
attack. However, as soon as the plant cannot deliver DEMAND through
its main feeder wires, then a large area will be OFF THE GRID.

Each area in THE GRID usually has a three-stage source to feed THE
GRID. The plants mentioned above are the main suppliers of DEMAND in a
large area. THE GRID will also have a PEAK PLANT that operates when
demand is at its highest point in the day. A third plant is a
seldom-operated plant that is primarily a backup plant.

While attacks at these lesser targets will occur, since they have much
less security, etc. They will not reek much havoc overall on THE GRID.

One of the most vulnerable types of plants in THE GRID are the Nuclear
Power Plants. These plants need large amounts of water to cool the
reactors. The FBI has recently found out that DARK TERRORISTS (Al
Qaeda, etc.) have been taking diving courses in the United States.
Both GREEN and DARK TERRORISTS will soon attack the large feeder pipes
that supply the huge amounts of water needed to cool power plants.

Underwater explosives will be used to disable these large intake pipes
into Nuclear Power Plants. This will cause an almost immediate
shutdown of major plants that feed THE GRID!

GREEN and DARK TERRORISTS both want the same thing. That is the
failure of western civilization. The GREEN will commit their acts out
of respect for the planet and the future of all species of life upon
the planet. The DARK are motivated by religious zeal to stop the
spread of western culture into areas of the planet that have live
virtually unchanged for millenniums. Western GREED promotes the
trappings of the west all around the world. Bringing a way of life
that is viewed as against the LAW OF GOD to those that head DARK
TERRORIST movements.

Western media paints these figures as people that hate western
freedom. However, the truth is these DARK FREEDOM FIGHTERS merely want
to keep their cultures and civilizations as they have been for
millenniums. As the GREEN wish to preserve the resources of the
planet, the DARK wish to preserve their civilizations threatened by
western ways (which is nothing but decadence to the DARK).

One person with a small amount of explosives can take a large area off
of THE GRID for many hours if not days by attacking the main feeder
lines into any populated area. These areas usually have only one major
feeder path into the populated area. These are the huge electrical
wires on the outskirts of a city. Inside the city these huge feeder
lines are stepped down into smaller lines.

An attack on the outskirts of a populated area with a small amount of
explosives could severe temporarily the lifeblood of THE GRID within a
large populated area.

Once these power lines are cut due to blasts that topple the
structures carrying such lines, there will be no power to the
population dependant upon the power it consumes from THE GRID.

It could take hours if not days to repair such damage. If multiple
breaks in the line are made several miles apart, then the down time
will be longer since the workers that could fix such problems cannot
handle multiple breaks at the same time. Workers from other areas of
THE GRID might have to come in to help. Electrical wires can easily be
repaired, but the structures needed to suspend them in the air take
time to rebuild, etc.

THE GRID has thousands and thousands of miles of high-powered wires
crisscrossing the country to feed largely populated areas. These wires
are the most vulnerable targets in THE GRID. However, such attacks
will do little to impact THE GRID.

The next major modern utility of the west that is very vulnerable to
attack by terrorists is the communications system including the phone
system and Internet. A long-term interruption in power will take down
large parts if not all of the Internet and Phone systems in the USA.
Electricity is needed to run these systems. While temporary backup
power supplies are in place to handle a short-term outage, these
systems cannot operate for long periods of time without electricity
from THE GRID.

A relatively small amount of buildings are the hubs for these systems.
An attack upon the fiber optic lines close to these buildings can
bring down large segments of the phone systems and Internet.

These buildings have very little security so a small assault team
could take over these buildings and by using a small amount of
explosives they could do great harm for long periods of time to the
central computer rooms that control these systems.

Maps of the backbones for the Internet are available on the Net. These
maps are similar if not identical to the backbone of the phone system.
While cutting fiber optic lines close to the buildings that house the
computers that maintain these hubs could do drastic short term harm,
the only long term damage will be if an attack is made upon the main
control rooms within these communication nerve centers.

Satellite dishes in areas close to these hubs are very easy targets
for terrorists to hit as well.

There are only a few telecommunication and Internet access giants in
the United States. So terrorists will eventually make attacks upon the
key buildings of companies like AOL, Earthlink, World Com, etc.

Small security teams that guard these buildings could be easily over
taken by a small well-armed and trained assault team. Many hostages
would be easily taken as well so that will allow plenty of time to
damage the infrastructure of these companies while local and federal
police try to negotiate for the lives of the hostages not realizing
the main goal of the terrorists are to cripple the control rooms that
provide the ability to communicate to the west.

While physical damage to control room computers will do much harm to
the ability of the west to communicate, such systems will be
eventually put back on-line and large teams will be used to safe guard
these buildings once major attacks are done and the weaknesses are

Stealth attacks upon the computers that operate these systems will be
made in the forms of computer viruses from outside the physical
location of the buildings that house these computers. Insiders who are
either sleepers of terrorist groups who became educated in the west in
computer science and work for these companies or even employees of
these companies who are sympathetic to the ideological goals of the
terrorists will sabotage these computers with viruses from inside
these buildings as well. As long as these computers are available to
access internally in the buildings are on networks that can eventually
be penetrated, computers are an open vulnerability of the
communications system of the west.

The transportation system of the west is very open to simple terrorist
attacks that could cripple movement of goods in the west for long
period of times. There are only a handful of nationwide interstates in
the USA. All of these roads are unguarded and open to terrorist
attacks. Small amounts of explosives can take down key bridges all
around the United States crippling delivery of goods and services.

Multiple attacks on bridges near a key target bridge on a major
interstate highway could result in there being no bridges to cross
large rivers for hundreds of miles. This would cause road and rail
movement of goods to have to travel many hundreds of additional miles
to avoid segments of the interstate taken out by explosives.

It is very easy to take out a major bridge that thousands of trucks
use each day to transport goods and materials in the west. The bridge
would have to be rebuilt and this could take many months. Again, if
such bridges or even tunnels are hit along with alternative bridges
near the interstate target, it could result in there being no bridges
for hundreds of miles to cross major waterways.

The interstate system was built after a complex rail and highway
system already existed in the United States. So most major interstate
bridges are close to the original highway system that was built
decades before the interstate was in that area.

An example of how few bridges or tunnels control all access to large
urban areas is New York City. The George Washington and Verrazono
bridges control all bridge traffic into New York City. The GWB
controls northern traffic through Harlem and the Verrazono controls
southern access to New York through Brooklyn. Two tunnels control
access to Manhattan Island directly, the Holland and Lincoln tunnels.
Without these four access points into New York City the world?s
so-called greatest city becomes landlocked. The only way off the
Island of New York would be ferryboats. It would be easy to disable
these boats as well. A single vehicle packed with explosives taking a
ferry ride could sink these boats.

New York understands how vulnerable they are to attacks at these
points since on 9/11 access to all these bridges and tunnels were
closed. There was no escape from New York City on 9/11.

The west will also be subject to bio-terrorism attacks. Drinking water
supplies will be attacked. Either a chemical or possibly a natural
agent will be used to activate the cryptosporidium virus that lies
dormant in much of the water supply of the west. The first outbreaks
of this killer water virus will be in the water supplies of Chicago
and Detroit.

Designer versions of old viruses such as Polio and Small Pox may be
unleashed upon the west. Introduction of disease carrying animals and
even insects will be used to upset eco-systems. The West Nile Virus
Mosquito and the Snake Head fish are two such examples. The simple
importation of a few mosquitoes infected with Nile Virus has caused a
widespread infection of the west in a few short years. The
introduction of a few unknown species of predatory animals such as the
Snake Head fish can cause long-term ecological harm to the west.

Insects that could greatly harm the bountiful food supply of the west
will be introduced to cause much harm to the food supply of the west.

These are the ways that several dark terrorist groups will start to
attack western civilization. The infrastructure of the west is wide
open to simple attacks that could cripple THE POWER GRID,
Telecommunications, Internet and Transportation systems of the west.

The ultimate terrorist attack upon the west will be the detonation of
a portable suitcase nuclear device or a tactical nuke. I have warned
of this since 1995. One small nuke in a major city of the west such as
Washington DC or New York City could bring a virtual collapse to the
western way of life.

Overnight, real estate value will be worthless in urban American
cities. So the wealthiest Americans would have worthless penthouses in
cities no one wants to live or work in due to vulnerability of a
nuclear attack by terrorists.

The stock exchange would be closed for a long period of time if the
attack was upon either New York City or Washington DC.

A mass exodus would occur of city dwellers trying to escape major
urban targets of terrorists. Martial law will be enacted to keep city
dwellers in cities. Chaos and panic would permeate the west. Civil
liberties would disappear overnight as the west becomes one giant
police state.

It is no secret that up to 100 suitcase nukes are missing from the old
Russian arsenal of tactical nukes.

Oil rich Arab nations have bought these devices on the black market
from the Russian mafia. These Arab nations are just waiting to be
attacked by the west. Once the west attacks an Arab nation then at
least three such nukes will be unleashed upon the west. The first
areas I have warned since 1995 that will be attacked are Israel, Rome
Italy and Washington DC.

If the west retaliates with nukes against these Arab Nations then up
to 100 missing Russian suitcase nukes could be detonated in almost
every major city in the west!

The age of Nuclear Terrorism is about to begin.


Sollog <http://www.sollog.com/images/sig.gif>

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Aug 5, 2002, 4:40:08 AM8/5/02
Only several months after the FBI said this was possible.



Aug 5, 2002, 9:07:53 AM8/5/02
mic...@coolmail.bz (michel) wrote in news:fb00efae.0208041243.529d1696

<Much BS from America's own pay per view fake profit >

Wow the next time a tornado or high winds takes a power line down we can
expect Sollydug to proclaim another 100% hit.

Like shooting fish in a barrel.


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