Pretending scientists believe aliens have visited us

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JTEM is Magic

Sep 25, 2022, 11:04:49 PMSep 25

Oumuamua is possibly the best candidate for alien
technology that WE, the public, know of. But it's
still problematic.

I mean, it's insanely older than any earth technology
has ever survived.

At the same time, everything we have been told is
bunk. I mean, it makes no sense at all. The speeds
give -- all the different speeds -- the distances
traveled... origins... build a model and none of it
lines up. If we employ the JTEM Advanced Method
for Media Analysis (JTEMAMMA) where we look
for the lies/inconsistencies/mistakes/omissions
then, clearly, someone doesn't want us to know the
story here. And, yes, that makes it a great candidate
for alien technology... because why else would they
bullshit us?

Then again, there's the problem with the fact that
metal is metal, electronics is electronics and we
have no clue what so ever how to build a machine
that could survive even a TENTH as long as this
thing had to...

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