Sollog's Winter Solstice Prophecy

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Dec 24, 2002, 7:24:48 PM12/24/02

The Winter Solstice Prophecies

'Tis the pithiest day of the year
'Tis the day antecedent to the New Journey
'Tis the Winter Solstice that draws nigh

Hark the Angels sing
The world is but an Ark for the Odyssey
Built so souls may embark on the na?f peregrination round the Sonne
each yere

Behold a sign shall appear
To many it shall bring great fear
Behold a rock shall fall from the heavens

A major war is not far
A world war has recently begun
A holy war rages in the heavens

Seven Ministers shall soon die
Seven Celebrities shall soon be killed
Seven Athletes shall soon be struck

The curse of the Kennedy's continues
Planes shall fall from the sky
Planes shall be shot out of the sky

Lights from unknown crafts shall hypnotize many
Beings from a distant past shall appear
Beings from a horrific future shall seek refuge

What many call Alien is really your brother's from days of yore and
While there are Alien beings to the terra
The council forbids such contact due to the primitive mind of the
beast called man

Benwar the family named for a thicket
Terrorists shall seek to destroy many in this family named for a shrub
Daughters, brother and father shall be targeted within the family
named for a coppice

Mabbas is Saddam in a mirror
Mabbas was warned of by the Seer
Mabbas is the trigger to events that shall kill many in an instance

Human blood is like vine for a great feast
Human blood is held in bodies grown by farmers like grapes
Human blood was created to satiate the Dark Lords of the Heavens

Much more death and blood shall be spilled along the line from Seattle
to Miami
Much more death and blood shall be spilled from Great Quakes and
Much more death and blood shall be spilled from a great eruption

Look within the mirror of the past to see the future
Man's evil from the past has set his future
One created the past as well as the future

The puppet of Satan is the Pope in Rome
Judge the tree of Rome by the wickedness of its pedophile servants
Death shall finally come to the evil head of the Church of Rome

Such promise do I also see
Cures to many diseases lie on the horizon
The lifespan of mortals shall soon grow by leaps and bounds

While many fear global warming
It shall not come
A great freeze is in the future

As polar caps do melt, as they occasionally do
Fresh water turns off the great turbines of the oceans
Ice shall cover vast areas of the Globe once more

Fantastic storms shall be signs that things shall soon be changing
Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Great Tidal Waves shall kill many
Beware of the great flood caused when huge segments of earth fall into
the oceans

The spots on the Sun have recently been quite active
Think of it as what occurs to children when they reach adolescence
The light of this world has matured from a tyke to a stripling so much
shall now change

While the coasts are safe for a short time
It would be wise to seek safety in the mountains no later than 2020
After this point most will die from water due to falling rocks and the
great slide

Penned by Sollog
Winter Solstice 2002 C.E.

apathy inc.

Dec 26, 2002, 12:04:45 AM12/26/02

Sounds exciting, bring it on. But not on a Sunday because of football
and the Simpsons. :)

In article <>, RB

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