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JTEM is Magic

Jan 21, 2022, 2:03:50 AMJan 21

I don't know what the media is going to tell you but,
we have no business in the Ukraine.

The EU wants it. They want to control it. They want it
in their sphere of influence. See, Europe can't feed
itself. In fact, France is the only western European
nation that could get by without imports if it had to.

The Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe.

The politics there suck. An EU backed coup of
fascists overthrew the democratic government,
touching off the civil war. Russia stepped in and
reclaimed territory they were FORCED to give up after
the collapse of the Soviet Union, ostensibly to protect
ethnic Russians, as well as centuries long strategic

The EU had ALREADY -- past tense -- signed an agreement
for Russian natural gas, "Coincidentally" before Russian
troops started massing on the border. Which means either
the EuroTrash had already sold the Ukraine to Putin or
they were picking a war all long, trying to lull Putin into a
sense of freedom/superiority with fossil fuels being a
hold over them...

The U.S., mind you, was AGAINST the fossil fuel deal with
Russia. So why should the U.S. fight for Europe's decisions?

Look. The single longest period of peace and prosperity
that Europe ever experienced was when they weren't calling
the shots. They set Europe ablaze in WWI, and again in WWII
and it was only when the U.S. & Russians became the leaders
that peace reigned.

Europe is back now, fully independent and making up for lost
time! They will have war. They will. We need to tell them to
fuck themselves though.

Europe never forgave us for saving them in WWI or WWII, and
they'll never forgive us for this time. So fuck 'em.

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