Carl "Laugh a Minute" Sagan take II

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JTEM is Magic

Jan 21, 2022, 4:41:26 PM1/21/22

My problem with Carl Sagan's idea here is that it's not

It renders aliens as unknown and unknowable.

"Aliens" are merely life forms, creatures, "Species" that
developed on a different planet. That's all. They are
nothing more than life that originates elsewhere.

We also attribute intelligence and technology to "Aliens"
but that's not necessary. Aliens that have gotten no
further than banging stuff with rocks would still be aliens.

The Carl Sagan view is effectively the supernatural.

We can't see aliens, we can't know where they are or even
if they've been here but we can assume that they're here.

Wait. That makes them a religion! Aliens are an article of

i don't like that.

It's not real. Literally. It's not something we can see, that
we can measure or test... or share.

It fails to meet the definition of "Real," what is "Real."

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