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JTEM is Magic

Sep 25, 2022, 5:45:38 PMSep 25

So my thoughts..

> Unrelated but, I'm feeling a bit upset about the Ryan Grantham.
> Should society be doing this?
> No I don't think they should just let him go.
> "Oh well, you're mentally ill, please try not to murder anyone
> else."
> Of course he should be removed from society but he should
> be removed from society for treatment.
> I dunno. Maybe he's beyond treatment. In which case, they
> should just lock him away in relative comfort. Safe, as happy
> as possible and segregated from the rest of society.
> But instead he's punished.
> Nature was very cruel to this boy. And society was even crueler.

He agrees with me. Sort of. Kind of. Almost.

I sort of like how he questions whether or not the kid wasn't
psychotic without questioning it at all.

I question it. Openly. I have to wonder if this is a case where
someone was splitting hairs:

"Well of course he was in some sort of psychotic break but,
was he LEGALLY in a psychotic episode or merely psychotic
but not legally psychotic.... you know?"

No. No I do not know.

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Sep 25, 2022, 6:23:32 PMSep 25
Just think how many others like this are out there walking around.

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JTEM is Magic

Sep 25, 2022, 10:49:47 PMSep 25
Mike wrote:

> Just think how many others like this are out there walking around.

If Dr. Grande is correct, it's just a case of Vulnerable Narcissism gone made,
it could literally be any of us.

It's a condition that happens to people, is it not? As opposed to something
a body is born with.

Personally I believe that the murder rate is much higher than is officially
counted. There's just a HUGE number of people out there without any
morality what so ever. And I don't mean that they're selfish or hypocritical,
I mean they are drawing a moral blank.

Simply put: They do what they believe they can get away with.

Like you I do not put a lot of stock into psychology. I think it's at it's
strongest addressing behaviors yet obsessed with pigeonholing and
what to call things. In fact a constant criticism, and rightly so, is how
it operates on the assumption that the names it gives things can
actually change the patient! They can't. But THEIR language can change

Homosexuality was originally called a disorder. When they stopped
calling it that the psychologists changed, not the patients. The
psychologists stopped trying to change the fact that their clients
were homosexuals and started treating them for whatever guilt,
shame, self loathing (etc) they felt because of it.

Imagine how bad it must've been for gay people 50 years ago or more?

They did away with "Disorder" in `1973! That was a very, Very, VERY
different world. Being gay WAS a source of shame for a lot of gay
men... dare I say most?

Anyways, the change is "Designation" didn't change gay people, it
didn't change the clients they were treating, it changed THEM, the
psychologists. But...

Gender Identity Disorder: GID

Changing THAT name never helped at all. If anything, it hurt because
these changes only ever shape the psychologists not the people
being treated. And young children who had GID could be treated, they
could in a sense be "Cured." But if the psychologists take the view that
it isn't a disorder, a problem to be solved, well... we have a society gone
mad with kids pretending to have 98 genders but only 17 at any one

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