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Oct 9, 2010, 1:23:33 PM10/9/10
The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus below the Pegasus Point announces
the Age of Pegasus II. Soon, Venus will be seen as rising at east in Pegasus.

The Sun * is in Virgo for Halloween
It is in Libra on Nov 23rd
Sai Baba's birthday
Do as people do: follow your own star *


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From Coruscant to Naboo, this initiation is for you

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Uranus is rising with Jupiter at east in Pisces, towards Cetus2, where it is
bound to splash3 in a couple of years4.


The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus below the Pegasus Point5 announces the
Age of Pegasus II. Soon, Venus will be seen as rising at east in Pegasus6.


Emerging from Hydra7, Venus climbs into Pegasus as if to defy Eris8 and
Uranus below, in Cetus. The extremes rule the peaks of both the ?on of Cetus
and Age of Pegasus. The 2005 . 2018 span offers a special zodiacal event
every year, as documented in detail9.


2007 OR10 is rising with Neptune and 1999 OX310. The .Obama planet. is in
many respects11 the dwarf planet of our times; not to be confused with
recently discovered centaur 2007 JG4312, its centaurean contemporary, or
even parallel.


a)Asbolus13 is in Aries with Sedna below in Taurus next to the narrow
ascendant strip of Taurus14. 2009 YE7 is within Witch?llow. .Pylenor. rules
the Stargate.
b)The Moon is just out of its Low Moon15 period, involving Sextans and
c)The outer guardian has left Sextans for the hind paws of the sphinx.
d)Typhon and Logos are with Nephthys.
e)Lilith (not to be confused with LILIT VERA17) is with Spica.
f)The Moon, Huya, Deucalion, Sekhmet, 2000 JZ15, 2004 PR107, 1999 KW4, 1996
AR2018, Venus and Mars congress in Libra.
g)Apophis is with Okyrhoe, 2002 GZ32 and Ceto.

Klaudio Zic

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