(fantasy) UWA Champions Challenge, 9/25

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Sep 23, 2021, 1:00:12 PM9/23/21
From Newark, NJ (taped 9/23):

Stephanie McMahon appeared via video to open. Monday's 6-man tag between the New Day and the Bloodline (Usos/Roman Reigns) is being rematched today due to an officiating error on Monday. The Bloodline should've been disqualified for interference the second Bobby Lashley attacked Big E. The decision is being reversed, with the rematch as the co-feature.

There are two other rematches:

Maxwell J. Friedman vs. Brian Pillman, Jr.. MJF, like the coward he is, hid behind Pillman's valet, Julia Hart, on Wednesday, to avoid Pillman attacking him on the floor. Commissioner William Regal has ordered the rematch, but with the coach's boxes in place, Hart is safe this time, and MJF can't touch her. If he does try to repeat what he did on Wednesday, he will be DQ'd for misconduct.

AEW women's title: Dr. Britt Baker has been ordered to give Ruby Soho a rematch, but this time, Jamie Hayter is banned from the arena. Rebel will be in the coach's box in her return. Baker was DQ'd off-air on Wednesday due to Hayter's actions impacting the outcome of the match.

1. Kris Statlander def. Hayter via Big Bang Theory in 3:10. Punishment squash for Wednesday.

2. Mandy Rose def. Hart via Baisuke knee strike in 9:03. Gigi Dolin represented Toxic Attraction in the coach's box, while Griff Garrison, the 3rd member of Varsity Blondes, seconded Hart.

3. UWA women's tag team titles: Io Shirai & Zoey Stark, the NXT champions, def. Natalya & Tamina in 11:40 to win the titles. Stark pinned Natalya after the K360 (vertical GTS).

Malcolm Bivens is having it out with Regal backstage. Roderick Strong had the NXT Cruiserweight title taken away on Tuesday, disqualified off-air for Ivy Nile's interference vs. Kushida, so Kushida gets the belt back. It's now a triple threat on 9/28, with Kushida defending vs. Strong & Grayson Waller, and it's an elimination match!! Even worse for Diamond Mine, Bivens' students and coach Hachiman are banned from ringside, leaving Bivens all alone.

CM Punk promo. Punk came out to a monster pop, but before he could say a word, Taz led Team Taz to the arena. Powerhouse Hobbs, Hook, & Ricky Starks started triple-teaming Punk, but.......

Cue "21st Century War Machine":

Jack Hunter came out. Team Taz rabbited out within seconds.

"Dude, I get it.", Jack says. "Now, you want your team to make their bones at Punk's expense. Thing of it is, bubbelah, I've got two partners for Punk, so let's make this official, a 6-man tag."

Taz gets his troops together, and decides to leave, claiming that "now isn't the time or the place".

"The Taz I remember wouldn't walk away from a fight if his life depended on it.", Jack says. "Walk away now, and all the dudes that support you will think Team Taz 2021 is all talk and no walk."

That did it. Team Taz returned, but so did Punk's partners du jour, a pair of old friends.....

4. CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, & Matt Cardona def. Team Taz in 19:44. Cardona hit Radio Silence on Starks. Danielson locked the Cattle Mutilation on Hook. Punk hit the GTS on Hobbs to put this one to bed.

5. Brian Pillman, Jr. def. MJF via DQ in 3:55 when the Pinnacle came down for a gang assault. Garrison was in the box, as Hart was still selling from the earlier match vs. Rose. MJF pulled out the Dynamite ring, but back came Punk, Cardona, & Danielson, and the Pinnacle scattered.

Tony Khan came out. He said that he couldn't trust MJF at all, so he put in a fail-safe. Wednesday's submission result is now a DQ in favor of Pillman for misconduct on the part of MJF, and next week, it'll be the following:

MJF & Shawn Spears vs. the Varsity Blondes. Wardlow & Hart in the coach's boxes.
FTR vs. Punk & Danielson.
Wardlow vs. Paul Wight.

6. AEW women's title: Dr. Britt Baker vs. Ruby Soho never started. Jamie Hayter attacked Soho in the entrance, but while Baker was hoping for a countout, she didn't get it. It was announced that because Baker refused to compete after the reverse decision DQ on Wednesday, she gets DQ'd again for Hayter's illegal actions. Hayter is suspended for 30 days.

Baker's beau, Adam Cole, is having it out with Khan, claiming that Baker won fair & square on Wednesday. No, she didn't. Cole has the next match, and oh, is he going to regret his remarks.....

7. Non-title: Shinsuke Nakamura def. Cole in 11:55 with Kinshasa.

Next week: Baker vs. Soho, this time in a steel cage.

8. The New Day def. The Bloodline in 23:44 in a return from Raw. Bobby Lashley was banned from ringside, because if he interferes again, he doesn't get a rematch for the WWE title for 60 days as punishment. Big E pinned Jey Uso after the Big Ending.

Stephanie appeared via video. Over the next few weeks, leading to Full Moon Frenzy on October 30, Charlotte Flair will run the most dangerous gauntlet ever, as she has no idea what awaits her, though she already knows who her opponent is tonight.

9. Non-title: Flair pinned Alexa Bliss after Natural Selection at 20:44.
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