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(fantasy) Return of the Manhunter (that should be enough to wet Russo's pants)

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May 9, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/9/00
WCW is in a lawless state under Eric Bischoff & Vince Russo. The
New Blood, the latest reincarnation of the NWO, if you will, is
running roughshod, and WCW seems powerless to stop the insanity.

Enter the Manhunter. Not the same vigilante as before (he's
cruising around the WWF), but someone else is wearing the suit.
Who and how he got there begin this tale.

Cordell McShayne is a cousin of "Action" Jack Hunter, the
original Manhunter of pro wrestling. Cordell has been in and out
of the Power Plant, unable to gain a foothold in WCW because of
backroom politics and certain individuals who have some
resentment toward his cousin. Cordell is 2 inches smaller and 25
pounds lighter than Jack (read: 6'4", 240), but adheres to the
same work ethic and principles. Cordell is 29, a 1993 grad of
Georgia, married with 2 children and a 3d on the way. Presently,
Cordell is employed as a gym manager in Atlanta, his hometown.
That is, until March 15, when he hears word that Eric Bischoff,
the man who denied him his chance in WCW, was coming back into
power, joined by WWF refugee Vince Russo. Russo's no fan of the
Hunter, either, but Cordell decides that's what they'll get.

Like his cousin Jack, Cordell has some legal connections. His
mother happens to be a legal secretary. His older brother Phil is
a lawyer. Phil arranges a meeting with Brad Siegel of TNT. Siegel
signs Cordell on the spot, and agrees to allow Cordell all the
freedom he wants, which means that he'll checkmate any illegal
acts committed on camera by Russo & Bischoff.

April 10: The Bischoff-Russo era begins in Denver. Cordell is in
Atlanta, making preparations. It'll be another week before he's

April 17: In the aftermath of Spring Stampede, Kimberly Page
serves "divorce papers" on her husband DDP. Like his cousin,
Cordell can see right through this scheme. Having gotten
clearance from Siegel to act, the new Manhunter makes his move.

Cue "Thunderstruck".

The AC/DC hit blares over the loudspeaker as the new Manhunter
makes his way out. Cordell is full of confidence as he marches
toward the ring.

EB (inaudible): Where the hell did he come from?

Manhunter vaults over the top rope and into the ring. No fancy
poses. None needed. DDP hands him a mic.

M: Bischoff, who died and made you God? Who gave you the right to
manipulate and destroy other people's lives?
EB: I am in charge here, wiseguy. I can do whatever I want to.
M: WRONG!!! (flashes a fed badge similar to what Jack used to
carry) I can see just from Mrs. Page's body language that she is
acting under false pretenses. What kind of lies have you been
feeding her, Bischoff? What makes you think you can get away with
this puppeteering?
EB: Man, are you goofy! Last I checked, pal, you were a million
miles away, busy banging Vince McMahon's little girl. So, my
friend, who's zooming who?

Cordell is taken aback. He knows Jack is dating Stephanie
McMahon, as the cousins correspond regularly, but this idiot is
mistaking him for Jack. The disguise IS working. Too well.

M: I'm afraid you're mistaken, Bischoff. That was the old
Manhunter. I'm the new guy, better, badder, and bolder. The only
thing we have in common is that we both hate punks like you. Now,
about those divorce papers. I AM an officer of the law, after

EB: No way, man. This is not your fight.
M: Care to argue the point further? (flashes handcuffs)

Reluctantly, Bischoff turns over the papers. Manhunter tears them
up. Bischoff charges. DDP cuts him off with a Diamond Cutter,
then leaves with a reluctant Kim.

M: Understand this, scum. I will haunt you from now until
doomsday if I have to, to make you see that what you're doing is
wrong. Wrong to these people, wrong for this business. Make no
mistake. Manhunter is back, and you, punk, are in deep trouble.

Jeff Jarrett attempts to hit Manhunter with the guitar, but
Cordell, having studied his cousin's matches vs. Jarrett, blocks
the weapon, then DDT's Jarrett through the instrument.

DDP beats JJ a week later. Manhunter is kept off TV, but when
Vince Russo takes Elizabeth away from Lex Luger (Total Package),
claiming he "owns" her, the vigilante takes action.

May 8: Chuck Palumbo, the self-proclaimed "Main Event", attacked
Luger the night before at Slamboree. He does the Luger posing
routine, claiming to have even less body fat than Luger. Liz
strikes back, attempting to gain her freedom.

Added to the show: Palumbo is put in against Manhunter, as
Bischoff decides that the vigilante would be Palumbo's first
test. Bad idea. Manhunter destroys Palumbo, finishing him with a
Sidewalk Screwdriver (Steiner Death Driver; more Cordell learning
from his cousin's videos) in 3:11. Later, Liz is put in against
Daffney. Madusa causes the match to be thrown out, but as
security escorts Liz to the back, Manhunter is waiting, with a
paper in hand.

M: No, gentlemen, the lady is with ME!

Security huddle among themselves, but hesitate too long.

M: This paper I have here states that Elizabeth does have a
personal services contract with the Total Package, not Vince
Russo or WCW. In fact, Mr. Russo is on the verge of being
arrested as we speak. If you interfere with this mission, you
will all be arrested. Clear?

Liz is allowed to leave with Manhunter. The "divorce" of Kim &
DDP is nullified, too, as the Hunter rescues DDP in a stretcher
match. He orders the refs to remove DDP from the stretcher and
he'll finish out the match. Mike Awesome & Bischoff must pay for
their crimes. 2:00 in, a fresh table is introduced, and Manhunter
puts Awesome through with a uranage. Bischoff interferes, but
Manhunter cuts him off and hits the Screwdriver. Bischoff is
cuffed and carted off. DDP is declared the winner due to the
improper booking of the match. The fresh papers are destroyed.

Off camera: Kim is given orders by Brad Siegel that she will be
taken off TV for 2-4 weeks. In the storyline, she's being put
through psych therapy to correct Bischoff's brainwashing. DDP
assures her that Cordell is just like his cousin. He won't hurt a
woman for any reason, and that what Eric was doing was basically
illegal anyway. Russo is fuming, and confronts Cordell in the
locker room.

VR: Who the hell do you think you are, punk, nullifying two of my
key storylines?
CM: Who am I? You don't know me, chump. As for being a punk,
that's like the pot calling the kettle black, pally. You see the
colors I wear? Who does that remind you of?
VR: Answer my question, you little---
CM: You know, my cousin could eat you for breakfast, lunch, &
dinner. I'm no slouch in the power department myself, but
understand this, Russo, Mr. Siegel hired me personally to ensure
you don't make a habit of screwing the public just to placate
your hungry ego. If you do, I have been reserved the right to
plaster your sorry, Lawng Ahhland ass all over that ring out
there, any time I damn well please. Same goes for Bischoff, who I
understand thinks I'm not good enough to wear this suit.
VR: What would you rather I do?
CM: Something original would be a start. Believe me, you'll be
thankful I'm here and not my cousin Jack, because I know you
wouldn't last 30 seconds in the same room with him.
VR (leaves): You don't get it, pal. Your cousin's busy playing
house with McMahon's little girl, and your wearing his costume
playing his game. You don't have any pals here, McShayne. I'll
see to that.
CM: Bank on this, punk. You'll be gone in less than a year, and
I'll still be here if needed. You're on borrowed time, Russo.

Next: Cordell meets some of Jack's old friends, and makes some of
his own.

J. C. Gilbert

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May 13, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/13/00
In article <>, (Pimpmac00) wrote:
Speak for yourself, jabroni. If you don't understand what I'm
trying to accomplish here, then ignore me at your leisure. WCW as
we know it sucks monkey nipples. All I'm trying to do is offer a
different look.

Martin Hooper

May 14, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/14/00
to says...

> Speak for yourself, jabroni. If you don't understand what I'm
> trying to accomplish here, then ignore me at your leisure. WCW as
> we know it sucks monkey nipples. All I'm trying to do is offer a
> different look.

And if there half as good as your WWF ones we are on to a winner!



May 10, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/10/00
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