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WCW Ultimate Video Bash - The Failed 1998 MTV Wrestling Show

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Feb 24, 2020, 9:42:42 AM2/24/20
In 1998, WCW was still doing pretty well in the ratings but they were playing
second fiddle to the WWF. During this time period, WCW made a partnership
with MTV that allowed the music channel to broadcast special WCW shows. Many
of you may remember their Spring Break shows, but MTV also hosted a WCW show
in May of 1998 named the "WCW Ultimate Video Bash", also known as the
"Ultimate Video Feud". With heavy rain during an outdoor show, a small
audience in attendance and a lot of time to fill up, MTV and WCW went on to
produce one of the strangest wrestling shows in existence.

This video looks at the co-produced WCW MTV Ultimate Video Bash of 1998,
featuring superstars such as Diamond Dallas Page, Raven, Ultimo Dragon, Billy
Kidman and More.

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