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Feb 11, 2006, 7:30:05 PM2/11/06
I've read conflicting opinions here as to whether the wants & warrents
section of the NCIC is available to the public. (All agree the criminal
record sections are not available.)

The following site claims to offer this information.
"Nationwide Wants and Warrants search utilizes the National Crime
Information Center (NCIC) to search for active, extraditable Wants and
Warrants issued at the Nationwide level." - $29

Is this info really from the NCIC?


Feb 12, 2006, 7:05:48 PM2/12/06
Tracersinfo offers the same search for $2.95
I'm not sure if it's the real NCIC.
I remember that there was a small sheriffs office that was selling the
NCIC info but I believe they were asked to stop.


Feb 12, 2006, 11:20:28 PM2/12/06
NCIC is only accessible through Law Enforcement. Only Law Enforcement has
access to NCIC. Any company claiming they have access is full of SHIT!
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Shelly D.

Mar 22, 2006, 10:30:12 PM3/22/06

"JJ" <> wrote in message

> NCIC is only accessible through Law Enforcement. Only Law Enforcement has
> access to NCIC. Any company claiming they have access is full of SHIT!

There WAS a PD back east that did up until about
5 or 6 yrs. ago but no longer does. If an officer wants
info. using NCIC they darn (nice word !!! =) well
better have a report writen to refer to if
asked by their supervisor why they used it. I have
a couple of LEO's that come to me for info. they want
on a person that has nothing to do with their job. Example,
looking for their wifes ex who split & owes child support.
There are web sites that a person can find info. w/o illegal
use of info./data brokers. Anyway, they can no longer use
NCIC w/o due cause & nor can they sell NCIC info.
because it IS totally illegal to do so.
Have a nice evening, Shelly

Shelly Daniel
Able Process Service & Investigative Research
Registered & Bonded in California
Member of NAIS, Chamber Of Commerce,
FOE, International Internet Investigators
Historical Society, etc..

Barry Brown

Jul 7, 2006, 5:42:05 PM7/7/06
In California...and I assume elsewhere...a number of situations came up in
which LEO's or LE Agencies were misusing NCIC, DMV, FBI and other data
bases. Most now require that LEO's and their agencies keep track of the
reason for the data base request and be able to tie the request to a
legitimate need of LE. Gone are the days when a patrol officer could radio
in for a DMV check on a license number because he saw a cut gal behind the
wheel and wanted to know who she was, where she lived etc. Most LE data
bases are much more secure both in procedures and law than they were twenty
years ago. That being said, there are other data bases, available ony to
P.Is. and others who fall into certain categories (DMV record searches for
instance) but even most of that data has restrictions on it as well. What I
have found, however, is that much of what is in a "confidential data base"
can usually be accessed in other, legal ways. It may take longer and
require more "up front knowledge" that points you to the right public data
base, but it can often times be found.


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Mar 5, 2020, 7:28:44 PM3/5/20
I had an Ex GF who's Ex Husband was at the time a CSI and had a patrol officer run my info thru NCIC. Is there any legal ramifications that i can take against that Sheriffs Office? Just wondering. Thanks
Wray McDaniel
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