McMillen Murder Case Update from Tortola in the British Virgin Islands (Caribbean)

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Jim Morris

Jun 14, 2000, 3:00:00 AM6/14/00
Check out the "Island News" update at:

Subject: Brutal Murder of a Beautiful American Feminist Artist on Tortola in
the British Virgin Islands as Four Americans Arrested

The following is the latest on the murder of Lois Livingston McMillen on
Tortola in the British Virgin Islands (Caribbean) as four four Americans
have been arrested and have been custody on Tortola since the middle of this
past January.

I was Lois' best friend as we were very close. Because of such, I owe it to
her to help find out the truth as to what happened to her on the night of
her murder which is what I have been doing. The following is the Web link
for the New York Post article in which I was mentioned:

Included below is the transcript of the "EXTRA" national television program
which aired on April 27th, 2000 as the preliminary inquiry has been delayed
yet again (until next month on July 25th or so) for the results to come back
from Scotland Yard in the UK. I still think that it has taken too long for
the four American defendants (in custody on Tortola) to have their
preliminary inquiry take place as it might even be delayed yet again if the
forensics haven't been received from Scotland Yard by next month.

The defendants have been in custody since the middle of January 14th which
is too long (in my opinion). Especially if they are innocent (but there is a
cloud of suspicion over them based on what I know). The private forensic lab
on Jamaica (which the Tortola authorities used) has been backlogged with DNA
cases as it is only one of two DNA labs in the Caribbean based on what I
have heard (DNA cases are also backlogged at labs in the USA: Up to 800,000
cases from what I have heard). The results came back inconclusive from the
Jamaica lab, so they are now in the process of being sent to Scotland Yard.
But Scotland Yard should have been involved from the beginning (with the
forensic analysis, at least). I have also heard that the Tortola (Royal
Virgin Islands Police) Police are not very capable of handling murder cases
because they don't have many murders in the British Virgin Islands.I have
also heard that the Tortola authorites are in the process of making a case
against William Labrador. Labrador is from the Hamptons on Long Island as
his Mother is a zoning officer in her community.

The following is the transcript of the "EXTRA" national television program
which aired throughout the USA and Caribbean:

Island Murder Mystery (as Scotland Yard to Finally Do Forensic Analysis)

Thursday April 27, 2000
Island Murder Mystery

Tourists from all over world find sunshine and solace on the Caribbean
Island of Tortola. But now it's the setting of an island mystery. A young
American beauty went there to escape the madness of the big city, and wound
up dead.

Hollywood was once her home. Supermodel Carol Alt was once her roommate. But
now former actress Lois McMillen is at the center of a real-life murder
mystery worthy of Alfred Hitchcock, in a place some call paradise.

Tortola. A palm-fringed gem in the British Virgin Islands, a Caribbean
getaway where Lois sought refuge after her acting career fizzled and the
glitz of the big city lost its appeal. Jim Morris is a longtime friend of

"Tortola was her paradise, her sanctuary on earth. She had her guard down
there." Jim says.

Letting her guard down proved a fatal mistake. Lois' battered body washed
ashore on a narrow strip of beach in January. Painter Nan Thomas, who often
talked art with Lois at her roadside stand, says the island is still reeling
from the former actress' murder.

"I can't imagine why anybody would want to kill such a kind, sweet person,"
he says.

But if islanders were baffled by the killing of their beloved Lois, they
were more mystified by the arrests that followed soon after. Four of Lois'
American friends, who were staying a stone's throw from her family's villa,
have been charged with her murder. 34-year-old Lois had been driving the men
around the island, to various nightspots. Two nights later, boatyard worker
Octave Williams saw his friend Lois at the shore at one o'clock in the

"She walk on the beach. She was about from here to the guy down there in
the blue shirt. And there was three guys behind," he describes.

Lois' body was found eight hours later, mace in her hand. The four suspects
were picked up the same day, and are now in this prison, where even inmates
have idyllic views. And they're frustrated because prosecutors won't reveal
a motive until the trial. Adding to the mystery, three of the four men were
well to do. An investment banker, a book publisher, and one man, Michael
Spicer, a law school graduate. It was his family's home that the men were
staying in. The fourth man, Evan George, did have a drug and criminal
background, according to his family. Morris points out the irony that Lois
was a crusader against violence towards women, a stance reflected in a
painting she did called "The World is Killing Women."

"She said if anything happens to me, in terms of her dying, she wanted to be
buried right on that mountain," says Morris.

Meanwhile, on the island Lois loved, bar owner Bomba Callwood, who Lois
considered a big-brother figure, speaks for the whole island in mourning

"I would describe Lois as a beautiful princess," he says. "I will remember
Lois in my heart as long as I live."

For more information on this story check out

Feb 10, 2020, 6:23:59 PM2/10/20
Mr Morris, if you get this message, I was a friend of Lois here in New York City, Could you write me back to my email: darcos at hotmail dot com. Thank you, David
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