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Apr 22, 2020, 12:59:08 AM4/22/20
to wrote in

> Seems I heard the same from Duckfart. Don't you realize how big an ass
> you are making of yourself with those idle threats? Anyone in this
> group of "experts" knows you don't stand a chance of getting my
> identity from a remailer, yet you keep harping away with ego saving
> threats - just like your "genius" buddy Duckfart does.

Hello Coward.

If you thought I made idle threats, you wouldn't have posted not too long
ago your reason for using a remailer. You need to hide from me. [g]

Besides, we all know I'm not much for idle threats, I'll really make good
on them. Take, BD as a recent example. I stopped short of providing his
street address, but everybody got the message pretty fucking quick didn't
they? :)

That's EXACTLY why you use the remailers, You'd be fucked two ways from
sunday, and you know it would be me fucking you, hard, personally. I'm not
going to stop with doc dropping; it's RL issues you'll be dealing with. You
*know* I can play with computers, any computers, anytime I fucking well
like. You know what I can do to you, your credit, fuck, your life for all
intents and purposes. AND, what's more, you KNOW i'm going to do just that
as soon as I learn your real identity. And, Chris, if it's you, dude, I
don't even have to dig to fuck you. Got me?

No idle threats, and you know it. :) You'll fuckup, and I'll make good on
you, I promise.

You just keep playing games anonymous, the system itself is perfect in
theory if and oNLY if you follow the rules ALL the time. You didn't.

> The very fact that not one of you main nutballs in this group has
> killfiled me shows how sick you all are, and how you *really* need
> reason after reason to keep raging against each other and everyone

You'll have an all new understanding of raging when I get access to your
personal details. I bet your blood pressure will jump 40 points the first
time your bank contacts you with dreadful news. :)

> Killfile me or live with it.

I have no intentions of killfiling you. You're dumb enough to keep posting
and I need you to continue doing so. If that requires me responding
occasionally to keep you going, so be it. My reward is well worth it.
I am a sinner
Hold my prayers upto the sun
I am a sinner
Heaven's closed for what I've done.

Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2011 00:48:28 GMT

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