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Apr 26, 2020, 2:35:02 AM4/26/20
From: Dustin Cook <>

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David <Da...@my.address.invalid> news:sdelG.21393$872....@fx38.iad
Tue, 14 Apr 2020 08:09:58 GMT in, wrote:

> This is a *must watch* item!

No, it's not.

However, this is worth reading. Not so much for your benefit, but as
a warning to others concerning you. Well, an additional warning...

> Thank God he survived! :-D

You seem to be very selective in that aspect, too, David. You're
quick to quote scripture and suggest others take heed to the words,
but you seem to cherry pick the ones you'll follow. For example,
somewhere in that book you've never read front to back is a line
about not judging another one, lest you be judged. Infact, that's
covered in several different places.

Yet, here you are, judging me as a bad guy, seven years after I
already quit writing viruses; the primary issue you've always claimed
has been a problem for you. Not only did you decide it was your right
to judge me for things which had nothing whatsoever to do with you,
you also determined it was your right to 'punish' me for crimes you
felt I got away with. That good book doesn't support your activities,

How do you explain that? Why should anyone take any religious advice
you offer when you selectively follow it yourself? If that's not a
clear hypocrite, I'd be very interested to learn what is.

The good book also goes into detail in several places concerning
knowingly LYING on another person. To summarize for you, since I know
you've never read those areas based on your own words and actions,
it's not something you should be doing to anyone. It's frowned upon
by that God you insult by claiming to follow. You clearly do not. You
follow what you want to, and ignore what you're supposed to do. As a
typical xian, or sunday christian here in the states does.

You are no different than the asshole who goes to church on sunday
and is a dickhead to everyone else around him otherwise. The same
kind of asshole that would use every name in the book to describe
you, but sings and praises 'the lord' on sunday. You're a fucking
joke, David.

Awe, what's wrong David? Are you having trouble explaining why
you've been stalked me for the last thirteen years or so? It's hard
to explain away your reasons when it's a fact I'd already been a
former vxer for seven years prior to getting your first email, isn't
it, David. How can you explain your behavior towards me now that's
in the open for all to see for themselves?

You have a remarkably bad issue with the timeline, my friend. A
seven year issue that you can't easily explain away. It's time for
you to come clean david, and admit, your issue with me, is and has
always been the fact you couldn't con me into doing some shady shit
to others on your behalf. I have all kinds of your usenet posts
where you pretend to have only sought me out to help you seek out
bad guys, then I have more of your own posts where you contradict
that story by claiming I was a target the entire time. And
additional posts where you consider usenet to be an acceptable
platform to lie, or as you like to put it, have a little fun at
someone elses expense; that's a form of trolling, btw, David.

Go ahead, continue to ignore these posts from me. You're doing the
same thing the anoncoward does when I ask them about their melissa
virus story. They can't provide a legitimate excuse either, it
clearly shows they lied their fucking ass off, just as you've been
doing for the past thirteen years.


In the past couple of years you've spun your excuse for trying to
dox me the first time around into 'punishment' for my crimes. Well,
what you think were crimes anyway. There's a small problem with your
latest excuse, though. Well, it's not that small, but, heh, you get
the idea.

I stopped writing all forms of malware in 2000. You didn't
experience your first issue with Malware until 2005, and I wouldn't
get the first email from you until 2007; but you confirmed online as
well as via email that you'd already begun stalking me prior to the
first email; using pcbutts as your source of 'reliable' information
on others. pcbutts is for the record, a confirmed, code thief,
amongst other things. At one point, the guy tried to pass himself
off as a white model. Wrong skin color, missing internal plumbing.

Yet, despite that, you still considered him to be a reliable source
of dirt on other people. Going so far as to defend him, and you
still do that to this day.

How can you possibly justify anything you've done towards me as the
excuse of punishment for my crimes when you didn't even begin for
seven years until AFTER I ALREADY QUIT?

I had already stopped writing malware five years before you got
'taken' as you've put it many times via a bad online transaction. It
would be another two years after that, that you reached out to me
via email. Seven years would pass between the time I stopped writing
the software you whine so much about to the first time you emailed

How do you explain your excuse of punishment when what you've
publicly claimed was/is your problem with me (virus writer) was
already over and done with, SEVEN YEARS BEFORE you initially
contacted me, and FIVE YEARS AFTER your first unpleasant experience
with online business transactions. Prior to that bad transaction,
there's no evidence via email or online that you were at any point
in time, hunting for bad guys. There's a small amount of evidence
concerning your stalking behaviors and multiple bans from various
forums for repeatedly violating their forum rules, though.

I'm very interested in learning how you thought at any point in time
that what you've done towards me for things i'd already stopped
doing, SEVEN YEARS BEFORE you sent your first email makes it okay?

Or somehow makes you think you have the right to do the things
you've been doing? We aren't writing about a few months or so here,
David. We're writing about nearly a decade.

You seem to have the same issue or problem as Snit, David. Many
people have written many negative things about him as well as you.
And for some of the same reasons, no less. Lying is a biggie for
both of you.

Either you're both what myself and many others have written you as
being going back years, or, somehow, the two of you have managed to
piss off a conspiracy level amount of people who don't seem to like
either of you very much, if at all, but have no valid reason for any
of it. In other words, many people (or just one or two, the rest
being socks if Snit is to be believed) have written the same things
about both of you for the most part, and little if any of it is

Logic dictates that while the latter is possible, between the two of
them, it's highly unlikely to be the case. How do you explain this?

I don't know Snit nearly as well as I do you, but I know for a fact
that you're no different than most other people online and irl as
far as lying is concerned. With a few notable exceptions; you will
lie over the dumbest of things, AND, you seem to enjoy doing it.
Your goto excuse when called out for it is 'I was only joking' I was
just 'teasing' you, etc. Anything but the truth.

When I created this new post, I made sure to keep the other
newsgroups that you've (or someone else?) wanted to use for the
sobriety thread. I see no reason for them not to know as much as
possible about you; so that they can take whatever advise,
suggestions, commentary you write with the proper sized bottle of

Feel free to ignore this post, sometimes, your lack of a response is
just as good as a response admitting everything is true. [g]
Otherwise, yea, do, explain how you can justify repeatedly stalking
efforts towards me, and multiple attempts to dox drop me, seven
years after I wrote my last malicious code. Or, just own up to the
fact you've been using that as a totally bullshit excuse (just like
your others) because at the end of the day, I wouldn't help you to
try and get even with another administrator who kicked you off of
their server.

You wrote multiple times that you thought the server was a breeding
ground for malware and/or otherwise causing users to become infected
with malware in some way shape or form. And that's why you wanted me
to gain high level access and have a look around. I repeatedly asked
you for a url pointing to something you thought was malicious. If,
as you said, repeatedly, the site was awash in malware and serving
it to unsuspsecting users that you'd have no trouble forking one
measily url over that shows it doing what you said it did.

And yet, as if by magic, rofl, you never provided so much as a
single url; not a single one. That told me then, before I started
reading about you that the malware issue was a ruse; I didn't know
at the time you had personal issues with the sites admins you wanted
me to break into, but I knew at that point this wasn't about
malware. It was about you wanting to get even and trying to use me
to help you do it. I'd learn that a little while later.

I've stated multiple times now that you feel it's your right to
access anything that's online, even if you've been told personally
to go and fuck yourself by the site admin, you'll create yet another
account and happily announce the fact you're logged in (again) some
place you shouldn't be. BtS had to go so far as to block an entire
IP set for BT, just because you wouldn't stop scanning the site
using 3rd party tools, without his permisison. Matter of fact, you
knew specifically in this case that you didn't have permission and
you did it anyway.

Various others had to at some point let you know that you were
breaking the law by doing this and could actually be facing legal
issues if you continued in the manner in which you were. So, you
being you, opted to continue scanning without using your own
bandwidth to participate in the deed. It's still illegal and you're
still wasting bandwidth and causing someone upstream some money.

So, how do you explain your claims of punishing me for things you
never observed yourself, AND were already done and over with, five
plus years prior to you even knowing I existed? Explain that if you
can, lying drunk.
Diesel <sob>

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