20 years & No Virus Writing - BUT - In 2014 Threatens "Funny Shit" Might Happen To Poster's Kids

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May 1, 2020, 12:21:12 AM5/1/20
DuckTurd Threatens Poster's Children:
"Wouldn't want pics being taken of you or kids or anything and funny
shit being done to them to teach you a nasty lesson."
Dustin Cook aka Diesel is still a piece of shit whether or not he
has or has not written malware in the last few decades. He regularly
posts threats to kill other posters. He places fake posts into
online sex groups, supposedly from another poster's wife,
daughter or female relative, asking to be raped.

Repeat after me, kiddies: Dustin Cook aka Diesel is a piece of
psychopathic excrement - whether or not he still writes/drops/passes

From: Dustin <abugh...@gmail.com>
Newsgroups: alt.2600
Subject: Re: (OT) Ping: BD an example of your dishonesty.
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 00:04:29 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <XnsA397CEB62F614C9...@>

"Hot-Text" <webm...@mynews.ath.cx> wrote in

> "~BD~" <~BD~@nomail.afraid.org> wrote in message
> news:ub6dnXpv4Pgh22LO...@bt.com...
>> Dustin wrote:
>>> ~BD~ <~BD~@nomail.afraid.org> wrote in
>>> news:btOdneHzO90O2GPO...@bt.com:
>>>> Dustin wrote:
>>>>> As BD has previously admitted to doing (paraphrasing) he has a
>>>>> habit of bending the truth about certain things (little white
>>>>> lies he thinks they are) when it suits him to 'hunt bad guys'
>>>>> and get to the real truth! (LOL!).[....]
>>>> Well, Dustin, today you have declared, for all to see, that
>>>> your close fiends, your *crew*, are Black Hat Hackers.
> Busted

You wish, moron. It's impossible for you to have missed the fact BD
is unable to answer ANY of my questions and is NOT the honest
individual he portrays himself to be. According to the information he
posted concerning the company you keep, that doesn't say anything
good about you either. :)

> You do not Have be
> Dishonest
> To be a
> Good Shady Person

Maybe you need to learn the definition of shady while you continue to
work on your understanding of the english language. Ask your social
worker for help.

> That the is Law
> Something that
> Dishonest People
> Don't Understand

Honest people don't claim someone has raped people... David isn't

> Cops tell Honest Lies

That's an oxymoron. A lie is the opposite of honesty.

>> You may THINK what you like but often you are *WRONG*, Dustin!
> Then they laugh at you Dustin!

Nobodies laughing at me, but several of you are laughing with me.
There's no going back. pooh was called out, offered a chance to
backup his claims. He's not able to do so. He's a pissant, like I
said all along. BD is no different. You're the script kiddie I
previously said you were too.

Btw, HT, if you wish to continue, I was told that your sites will be
fucked with randomly from here on out; blackhat style. Don't have any
personal shit on the computer you've mapped the free domain name to,
I know it's one of your personal computers in your house. Wouldn't
want pics being taken of you or kids or anything and funny shit being
done to them to teach you a nasty lesson. Some of my friends have a
very strange sense of humour and you won't like it.

I'd check your site daily to make sure someone hasn't setup an ftp
server or a webserver to provide torrents to the masses, or worse,
forced your computer to join a remote controlled botnet so you can
help spread commercial music.

I wouldn't want to see you getting in trouble if your machine is used
as a proxy to send a nasty email to the president of the usa using
your IP address. I did that once to a classmate... I was just fucking
around though, I had no idea how serious the secret service took that
shit. [g]

All kinds of ways to reach out and smite your dumbass HT. This
discussion between BD and myself is getting serious. I'd suggest you
back off, or mark my words, bro, you'll be sorry you got involved.

You don't have to take my word for any of this. I'd prefer you
ignored my advice and continued doing what you do. Personally. Then
you can tell us about the secret service visit, your computers being
taken. I Hope you don't do anything else illegal; wouldn't want you
getting caught with kiddie porn.

You'd have no way to prove you didn't download it. Even though you
didn't and someone provided you a collection because they knew you'd
be raided shortly due to an email your machine sent. [g]

Hacking isn't always just about the computer. It's very much like
Chess, actually. Once I get access, what are my plans? [g]

You really have no idea how much shit you can find yourself in by
playing games with the wrong people. I seriously doubt whatever
security you have is anything like poohs employers; and I know we can
take him. :)

Just some friendly advice. Take it, ignore it, do whatever you'd
like. Don't complain later if you do (ignore it) and something like
above happens. Even if it's to the letter, Know I didn't personally
have anything to do with it; I'm not one of the people who will be
having fun with you. My hands are clean. Remember that from your
prison cell. [g]

I know you tried to show me the light, I feed on the darkness
I've lost control, I'm down in a hole, I'm broken and helpless
The noose is getting tight, so tight, will I make it through the
night It's time to surrender to myself and crawl out of this hell,
the battle is in my head, there is nobody else
Source: Anon Coward's "Anthology of a Psychopath"

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